Заметки алкоголика и придурка

17. Februāris 2022


Šī nakts bija labāka, jo pīpoju zāli un dzēru ar Džō Roganu & Co. Pamatīgs pritons. Tikai viņam visu laiku kaut kur zuda pīpaparāts un man nācās dot savējo.

08:51 - WEF stipendiāti rosās

09:03 - damage control priekš vaxeriem

17:00 - Nīderlande

By the way, looks like the Netherlands will get its belated "Freedom Day" on 1 March. With most distancing and capacity requirements to be lifted again, but this time without a QR code in most or all sectors. It's still early days and this is just vague leaked information so far, but it looks like the tide has turned. With this, we are hopefully finally pivoting towards the English and Scandinavian approach, instead of jumping down the cliff edge like lemmings after Germany and its crazy stereotypical evil Nazi scientists.

Despite months of lobbying by the government, they were never able to get a majority for a 2G corona pass like in Germany. They even tried to bribe opposition parties by promising to support them on completely non Covid-related issues, just as long as they would vote for 2G. But after omicron, the momentum for this was lost, and they were never able to do it. Then there was a lockdown despite 89% vaccination, and since then we've "reopened" until 10PM with 3G. This led to a very big anti-Covid pass movement by business owners and people from all parts of civil society. The booster shot became required to keep your proof of vaccination, and this was a bridge too far. People realised that anyone could have their freedoms withdrawn over this. In this month alone, 2 million people stood to risk losing their "green checkmark". Thankfully a lot of people held the line: the rate of 3rd shots is only 60% of adults, as opposed to 89% having at least one shot. Also undoubtedly because of many people getting infected and using the recovery certificate instead, and waiting for this bullshit to blow over. The whole system is pointless now that people are deliberately getting infected and there is no longer a tiny isolated group of unvaccinated. And even that group has done stellar work organising its own parties, bars, and dinners. A whole underground network has formed that I've been happy to enjoy recently, as well as restaurants that don't check the corona pass at all below the radar.

It's still uncertain what is coming next. Who knows what new "variants" will be identified (or Delta coming back as the "summer variant") to restart the grift again. But anyone who has held the line so far has withstood the biggest psyop in modern history, while many others started to do so after the booster campaign, and that's something to be saluted. I've said before that the movement towards vaccine passports was never about corona nor even about these specific vaccines. They were always merely the vehicle to get people hooked up on a digital identity. The very fact that countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria and Italy are holding on to far-reaching mandates even now, proves that it's not over yet. Ideally it's not over until those responsible are sent to tribunals, but at the very least it should be like Sweden where testing and travel rules are being abandoned fully. All that the average guy can do is simply to maintain the networks that have been formed and stay prepared for anything that might come next, Covid or non-Covid.
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