Заметки алкоголика и придурка

17. Jūnijs 2019

06:36 - daudzcietušie beķeri

Nu ko. Šad tad arī taisnība uzvar. Komunistu univers dabūjis pa kaklu dēļ sava sjw studentmēlsu spieta kūdīšanu virsū pilnīgi nevainīgiem cilvēkiem. Labs precedents.

The verdict sends a strong message that colleges and universities cannot simply wind up and set loose student social justice warriors and then wash their hands of the consequences. In this case, a wholly innocent 5th-generation bakery was falsely accused of being racist and having a history racial profiling after stopping three black Oberlin College students from shoplifting. The students eventually pleaded guilty, but not before large protests and boycotts intended to destroy the bakery and defame the owners. The jury appears to have accepted that Oberlin College facilitated the wrongful conduct against the bakery.

Kāpēc komunizti mīl uzbrūkt buločņikiem, heh:
Actually I think it's no accident that two small bakers were specifically targeted by left-wing hysteria.
They're small enough that they can't (supposedly!) fight back.
They embody, in a quintessential way, the traditional ways of simple, hard-working townsfolk.
Their very existence, coupled with a sober life style and a moderately successful family business, literally built on sweat and early morning labor, threatens the very core of the leftist's mindset.

When you really think about it, it's hard to imagine something a leftist would hate MORE than a baker.
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