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Adam Parker (1988), York Museums Trust [Jan. 12th, 2021|02:58 am]
Stāv man uz tām kalsnajām sejām (un intelekta pazīmēm). Neko nevaru ar sevi iesākt.
Jo vairāk tad, ja radars griežas kā vilciņš.
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Paul Dirac (1902-1984) [Nov. 29th, 2019|01:40 pm]
"Friends jokingly coined term "a dirac" which stands for a smallest number of words possible to speak in one hour while still taking part in the conversation. It's a sort of a unit of shyness."
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Stephen Toulmin (1922-2009) [Jul. 6th, 2019|02:03 pm]

Mr. Toulmin: If it comes down to the choice, I'd rather be kind than clever.
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[Nov. 5th, 2017|05:52 am]
Šeit neejiet. Šis ir strupceļš.
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Françoise Hardy (b.1944) en 1967 [Sep. 22nd, 2017|02:54 am]
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George Steiner (b.1929) interviewed by Alan Macfarlane in 2007 [Sep. 11th, 2017|03:11 pm]
Mr. Macfarlane: "Do you have any views about sources and springs of poetic expression?"
Mr. Steiner: "My sadness is, that I haven't had certain printing errors, which commit you to immortality. Thomas Nash, contemporary of Shakespeare, rival of Shakespeare, very envious of Shakespeare, translates Villon. Not translates in our sense, but adapts the famous ballads of Villon. He translates beautifully a French line about Helen of Troy: "And as she goes grey, brightness falls from her hair."  Very beautiful line. 
His printer misreads the manuscript and gives us "the brightness falls from the air". One of the great lines in world poetry, for which Nash is remembered. The luck of that error - that too can be a great creation."
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Dan Savage (b.1964), on the right side of the history [Aug. 11th, 2017|03:16 am]
Mr. Savage: "There's often an ignorance. Young gays and lesbians are raised by older gays and lesbians. You know, Jewish kids with Jewish parents will hear about Massada and Warsaw Uprising, because they learn Jewish culture from their Jewish family. Gay kids are raised almost invariably by heterosexual parents. Often by heterosexual parents, who are hostile to gay culture and hostile to their gay kids, seeking to deprive them of role models. Young gay kids, when they first came out, were usually really ignorant about gay history. By the time they're 30, they've usually educated themselves and learned some things about gay history along the way. But 18, 19, 20 years old gay kids ar ignorant by design. Not by the fault of their own."
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Edouard Louis (b.1992) on a book tour [Jul. 11th, 2017|12:40 am]
Mr. Louis: "I realized that all the things, that I considered personal, when I was a kid, in fact were political. Even the tears of Eddy were political, because they were allowed by a certain political and sociological context in a certain country at the certain time."

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NYC guys, some time between year 1975 and 1983 [Jul. 3rd, 2017|11:15 pm]
From Fire Island Polaroid series by Tom Bianchi.
All probably dead by now. (So keep calm and move on.)
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Quentin Crisp (1908-1999) [May. 21st, 2017|05:55 pm]
Mr. Crisp: "But the crowning moment of Evita's entire career as a political stylist came, when she rose in her box in the opera house in Buenos Aires to make a speech. She lifted her hands to the crowd, and as she did so, with the sound like trucks in a railway siding, the diamond bracelets slid from her wrists. When the expensive clatter had died away, her speech began: "We, the shirtless...""
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Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) makeup off [May. 17th, 2017|03:10 pm]
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Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), im Gespräch mit Günter Gaus [Oct. 4th, 2016|01:37 pm]

Ms. Arendt: "The personal problem did not lie in what our enemies did. But in what our friends did."
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Fran Lebowitz (b.1950) [Sep. 20th, 2016|04:11 pm]

Ms Lebowitz: "If you know, that people who are watching you do the thing, have those immensly high standards, you're gonna be better. If you wrote something and you know, that the audience will get every little thing, you'll work to get every little thing in. I think of it as a collaboration. They appreciated it. They knew what you were doing. I think, that no matter what's your art form is, to have that type of audience is a tremendous boon to an artist. I don't think that it really exists anymore."
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Sir Jonathan Miller, b. 1934 (first from the left, literally) [Aug. 30th, 2016|03:07 pm]

Mr. Miller: "It led me to have this sort of scene of Marie Antoinette in a tumbril, trying to comfort her maid, sobbing on the way to guillotine. And saying: "It is alright, Vivi, I know that I am going to be Shirley MacLaine! Whoever that is." The thing is, that there's no room in Shirley MacLaine for Marie Antoinette. Shirley MacLaine is working flat out of being Shirley MacLaine. And she can't entertain a lodger! Particularily, a disembodied lodger."
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Stephen Fry, b. 1957 (let's call it a brotherly love) [Jul. 21st, 2016|08:49 pm]

Mr. Fry's advice on how to cope with homophobic bullies, if met: "Don't touch me, don't touch me! You'll give me an erection!"
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Sam Harris, b. 1967, not that weary of this particular topic [Jul. 17th, 2016|09:45 pm]

Mr. Harris: This drug had been advertised to us as something that can reveal something about the nature of human mind. And it was exactly what we experienced. For those who has taken MDMA, it won't be a surprise. There was no psychedelic component in it, no change in visual properties, or anything. What there was, was just a feeling of dropping away of self-concern. That was totally liberating. I'd never realised that I was carrying around this burden of self. To the degree that I was. When talking to somebody, the part of my attention was bound up in worrying about what they thought of me. I wasn't just seeing the other person, I was triangulating on myself, through their eyes. Modifying how I felt about myself.
And so I was sitting there with a very close friend at that time and I didn't even noticed that drop-away at that moment. I kind of retrospectively realised: Oh, My - this thing is gone! This monster of me, which has been behind my face, is gone! And I'm just free to realise that I love and wish nothing but happiness to the person, I'm sitting with. For that MDMA experience Love is the main epiphany. Love is a state of being, which entails just being deeply commited to the happiness of other beings. Whether you know them or not.
The epiphany that really anchored that to me and how I realised, that something unusual had happened to my mind, was that I was sitting, again, with my best friend at that time, and realising how much I love this guy. And we both were teenage, heterosexual men, who even hadn't thought in those terms - loving your male friends. I don't think I'd ever hugged a male friend before that point in my life. There was just this outpouring love to the friend of mine. And then I realised that if a stranger had walked into that room, I had loved that stranger, too.
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Karl Ove Knausgård, b.1968, on book tour [Apr. 29th, 2016|05:21 pm]
Mr. Knausgård: "That's the only way to have a relationship, really. If you don't lie, it will collapse. "
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Andrew Sullivan (b. 1963), breaking ground in his thirties [Apr. 15th, 2016|01:22 pm]

Mr. Sullivan 
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Ryan Steele (as Chip) b.1990 [Apr. 10th, 2016|06:59 pm]

A pass by remark: "They are not your friends. They're just people you happen to know now."
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Judith Butler, b. 1956 (could be my dad) [Mar. 18th, 2016|02:53 am]
Ms. Butler: "It happened last year, some time, I come to door, and there is this man and he says: "excuse me, Mister..., Madam..., Mister, Madam..." 
He couldn't get through it. 
I kinda leaned forward and asked "is it really important to determine my gender in order to check minibar?" 
Of course, I humiliated him and immediately felt really bad. And this was also a class moment, and I was not sensitive to that. He's a worker, he doesn't know, what to do with people like me. 
And then he said: "of  course, not, Mister..., Madam..., Mister..., Madam."
And then, the next day, I go to the pool. The same hotel. I then was in the ladies' locker room changing and a young woman comes in and says: "Oh, oh, do the ladies and the blokes change together?" 
"No, no, I don't think so. This IS for the ladies," I said. 
And she said: "Oh, sorry, sorry, I was so confused!"
Then I leaned forward, making up from my sin of the previous day and I said: "I am a lady."
Which is the first time in my life that I ever said it."
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