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To those recently turned 4022. Maijs 2023 - 15:33

The first half of your life is now done!

The remaining extent of your life is now officially shorter than the one you've already lived.

By now you have accumulated sense impressions, memories, patterns of behavior and conditioned responses that will become more prevalent in your mind as you age.

Are you happy with the way you spent it? Are you content with the choices you've made?

Are you ready to start the gradual slide into old age?

We hope you did and do.

But if not, don't worry. It's too late anyway.

Actual lifespan and quality of life may vary depending on genetic buildup, lifestyle and other choices and random events. Future terms & conditions may apply. The World™ will not be held legally or otherwise responsible for accidents, miracles, infections, wars, famines, rains of farmhouses or any other events, apocalyptic or otherwise, that may influence the actual extent of time you'll spend conscious.
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