Pilnmēness nogurdinātie - 27. Februāris 2012

About 27. Februāris 2012

Kā tad tā?15:53

Etiquette according to Russell17:56
In conversation, we should avoid saying anything in such a way that it brooks no contradiction. So don't say You can't tell me anything I don't know about that: I've been a teacher/brain surgeon/actress/publisher/professional jockey for thirty years.

The fact that you did a thesis on Shelley neither trumps nor invalidates the views held by a recreational reader of the poet's oeuvre; you may have treated more sublimated Electra complexes than I have had hot dinners, but that does not neccessarily rule out my explanation of the girl's relationship with her father. Of course it may be that your superior knowledge has given you greater insight, but you have to prove it in the stern heat of light conversation. Don't wave your diplomas around like offensive weapons: they qualify but they do not entitle.

Stranno, no22:36
Šo noteikti visi pilnīgi sen jau ir redzējuši, bet nu man gadījās tikai šodien, un noskaņojums ir attiecīgs.

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