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[Jan. 10th, 2005|12:36 pm]
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Kriipis Tulo - Hommikune Ujuja .. 6:45, 192kbps]
Click'n'cut. 2002. Latvija. Izdots uz Sutemos leibla.
It is a dream... only a beautiful dream...

What is Kriipis Tulo.
Kriipis Tulo is a project. The author and founder of it is Latvian producer Kiryll Lomunov (who is author of Audiot net label and a member of Oloolo - electroacoustic music project). The vocals are by an Estonian girl named Kristi Aivare. And the third person involved in Kriipis Tulo is Kiryll's friend Jevgenij Choop.

What is the sound of Kriipis Tulo?
Kiryll's concept exceeds the limits of standard sound ideas and melodic/rhythmical formulas. The main creator and musician for Kiryll is nature: 'Just try to listen closely to the world around the people - it is really alive'. In the year 2000 under the influence of Vladislav Delay, Andreas Tilliander and Jan Jelinek Kiryll started to make Ujuja tunes under the name of Kriipis Tulo. That is why every sound of Ujuja is the sound of real click-hop!

In the beginning of 2002 Kriipis Tulo completed an EP entitled Ujuja (in Estonian language it stands for swimming). The feeling of soaking in warm and soft water in a swimming pool where two young people - a boy and a girl - meet each other runs through all 7 tracks of Ujuja. Sympathizing each other at the first sight they fall in love and enjoy each other staying together. Everything takes place here - in the swimming pool where unceasing murmur of the water runs through the romanticism and tenderness of Hommikune Ujuja track and happy-go-lucky time carelessly spent beside the soda pop machine in Paane Ujuja. Finally, complete dissolution in the water and each other - One Ujuja.

Ujuja is the script of the movie that was never filmed. It is a dream... only a beautiful dream...
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Date:January 10th, 2005 - 01:18 pm
Ljoti smuki, novilku visus EP tajaa lapaa. Vaacieshiem arii patiikaas.