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voodoo [Nov. 30th, 2012|11:08 pm]
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People are, like, these things that you need for some reason or another. And then you must have them, or else... or else you just, you know, there is no "or else"! You need them, and then you get them, and then you lose them, because that's how it is with such things, things that move, things that breathe, things that live, grow and die on you - suddenly or not, doesn't matter - these things quit on you, they break, and by then they just might have become your things, and so with them you break, a part of you breaks in some strange way, some really mystical voodoo kind of way - and it hurts and you feel sorry, for who knows what, and then you need those things - or other things, things just like these, to replace them, things that breathe, things that move, things that live and grow and die - things that break, break, break, they just break down on you, they do, and that's it - you can never quit, it's, like, this ugly addiction, a... a really sick game that some perverted psycho has pulled you in, it's like drugs, like really heavy drugs, the bad stuff that sucks you in, and that's final - you're pretty much doomed to be a part of this... this... thing - I wouldn't even know what to call it. Not that I really want to, you know, not that it isn't enough being forced into it - do we really want to talk about it, think about it, let that disgusting rot eat into our very souls? I don't think so. Yeah. I really don't think so.
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