Posted by [info]nightqueen on 2017.07.22 at 08:51
Laikam būs jāsāk ticēt emociju un veselības saistībai. Jau kopš Jāņiem likās, ka kaut kas līdz galam nav izrunāts. Jau kopš Jāņiem mums abiem angīna, kas negrib pazust. Vakar viņam beidzot palika labāk.

Das experiment

Posted by [info]nomirusi on 2017.07.19 at 13:27
Back to OkC actively (lowered needed match percentage too) and trying Tinder once again. We'll see. But Tinder got boring quite fast two years ago. This time I just have a plan. Liking only guys with some normal profile info (that means 90% gets automatic no), then if mutual like wait 6h and then write a message. (Blah, just agreeing with heteronormative stuff, whatever.) Then if writing style is very bad - no. But then it becomes improvisation. There are some milestones, but we will see.

upd: "will not tell anything you ask me" profile info gets automatic "nope" too.


Posted by [info]nomirusi on 2017.07.19 at 13:06
I'm not gift person. I don't want to receive them usually and I gladly not bother about giving them either. Just too much trouble whatever on witch side of gift you are. Sometimes I get some gifts. Something, something. I can count those people on fingers of one hand who are important enough to bother. But last three times... I just forgot to give those things when I met those people. Two souvenirs and one birthday gift is still patiently waiting.