Kontrapunkts - December 9th, 2019

About December 9th, 2019

08:52 am
Kaķīts tik rūpīgi aizkašāja kakiņu, pie peļķes padzeras, pienāk vārna pamērcēt maizīti.

09:24 pm
input backfired at me at my head was heat he was what he was indeed he was very handsom man from so and so from sommersby house and he was from the house indeed and he was what he was because he was from the so and so and he kissed before his eyes was what he was about to give his eternity maybe even give it back as it was very dark and late to slate translate before you play indeed was he handsome and naive maybe because he was he or shom shite like zero waste memory and his congruality became legendary he was a steward and his nose was his nose and his pocket his pocket with a rocket rocker he was playing like a pine tree or not to free the fall from its modularity or shome shit like today we were at the very proximity to vw and it was playful like congruality as it were to fall in love his memory started to spade and he was all too clear about his nothwithstandedness.
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