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[Jul. 3rd, 2015|12:15 am]
[music |Funeralopolis]

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[Jun. 21st, 2015|08:37 pm]
[music |Emilia - Satan in Love ]

praidiņš - 10/10, koncīši un disenīte - 10/10
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US / BC "Bolderājā", pasākums - 20.00; koncerts - pēc 21.00 [Jun. 16th, 2015|12:10 pm]
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[mood | bouncy]
[music |Tool - Jimmy]

Grupas "Unholy Satan" (akustiskais blekmetāls / frīkfolks) un "Brutal Christ" (noizs) spēlēs dubultkoncertu grāmatu veikalā Bolderāja 20. jūnija vakarā - beidzoties šabatam (kad debesīs var ieraudzīt trīs zvaigznes) un svinot gada īsāko nakti! Pasākuma sākums - ap 20.00. Pēc koncerta - sātana diskotēka (dejojamas / popsīgas dziesmas, kurās figurē sātana tematika). Plakātā - viens no "Unholy Satan" dalībniekiem - Fredis.

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[Jun. 16th, 2015|12:04 pm]
[music |Tool - Message to Harry Manback]

Gerhardiņš tak vienkārši bijis pālī no tām kliņģerītēm.
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[Jun. 15th, 2015|09:31 pm]
[music |Tool - 46 & 2]

bija laba filma, apsveicu ar svētku (Praida) sākšanos, lai visiem laba ballīte!
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kāziņās [Jun. 11th, 2015|12:48 pm]
[music |Deftones - Minerva]

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[Jun. 8th, 2015|02:40 am]
[music |Portishead - Biscuit]
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[Jun. 6th, 2015|09:08 pm]
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[Jun. 5th, 2015|03:53 pm]
[music |Haralds Sīmanis - Sirds, kam tu tik gauži ciet ]


Dzīvoja kāds rudmatis, kuram nebija acu un ausu. Viņam nebija arī matu, tā ka par rudmati viņu sauca nosacīti.
Runāt viņš nevarēja, jo viņam nebija mutes. Deguna arī viņam nebija.
Viņam nebija pat roku un kāju. Un vēdera viņam nebija, un muguras viņam nebija, un mugurkaula viņam nebija, un nekādu iekšu viņam nebija. Nekā nebija!
Tā ka nav saprotams, par ko ir runa
Nudien, labāk par viņu vairs nerunāsim.

(no Daniila Harmsa "Gadījumi", tulkojis Vasīlijs Voronovs)
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[Jun. 4th, 2015|06:14 pm]
[music |Pasaules Gaisma - Pusnakts]

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[Jun. 4th, 2015|01:28 am]
[music |Deafheaven - Please Remember]

vislabākais par jauno prezidentu man šķiet tas, ka savā feisītī viņš ir nolaikojis žurnālu "Sīrups"
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[Jun. 3rd, 2015|01:10 pm]
There are only TWO WAYS out of poverty. READY?
METHOD ONE: Set yourself on fire! This proves to be entertaining for banks, who will float you a loan of nine cents after being on fire for 78 years.
METHOD TWO: Wait for your fifteen seconds of fame and aim it at your pitiful b(l)ank account. Of course, this won't ever happen, so blame the lottery!
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Some test results. [Jun. 2nd, 2015|08:20 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[music |Deafheaven - Violet ]

Neuroticism is the tendency to experience negative emotions. Individuals who score high on neuroticism are more likely than the average to experience such feelings as anxiety, anger, envy, guilt, and depressed mood. They respond more poorly to stressors, and are more likely to interpret ordinary situations as threatening, and minor frustrations as hopelessly difficult. They are often self-conscious and shy, and they may have trouble controlling urges and delaying gratification. Neuroticism is a risk factor for the "internalizing" mental disorders such as phobia, depression, panic disorder, and other anxiety disorders, all of which are traditionally called neuroses.

The Percentile is what percent of other people you score higher than - 93%

Agreeableness reflects how much you like and try please others. People who score high on this dimension tend to believe that most people are honest, decent, and trustworthy. People scoring low on agreeableness are generally less concerned with others' well-being and report having less empathy. Therefore, these individuals are less likely to go out of their way to help others. Low agreeableness is often characterized by skepticism about other people's motives, resulting in suspicion and unfriendliness. People very low on agreeableness have a tendency to be manipulative in their social relationships. They are also more likely to compete than to cooperate.

The Percentile is what percent of other people you score higher than - 9%
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[Jun. 2nd, 2015|01:25 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[music |Greymachine - Wolf at the door]

I want to start a religion. Here would be the basic tenets:
* God = the universe
* There are no incarnations of the entire universe because that would be silly
* The universe (God) and life on earth had NO BEGINNING
* Whether or not consciousness continues in another form after physical death cannot be known
* Wrongdoing occurs due to detachment from nature/the universe
* Human suffering does not have a spiritual origin. It arrives at the hands of people who are detached from the universe/God. They fall out of touch with the universe, and turn to argument and blame and other attacks of all kinds.
* To keep in touch with nature/the universe, you must do so deliberately; you should revere it in awe and wonder, but do not do it within a rigid schedule, because doing so will get your mind accustomed to the idea of awe and wonder, and genuine wonder cannot come from that which is anticipated. This worship should be a special occasion, not mundane.
* Certain rites can bring you closer to nature/the universe, especially if you have strayed from a state of wonder. (to be determined later...)
* Confessing of wrongdoings is ridiculous, because this does not help you get closer to the universe
* Doing good naturally follows from being connected to the universe. The connection always comes first. However, doing good is still necessary. Connecting to the universe and then being heartless demonstrates such that must be disposed of.
* There are prohibitions and sacred things (to be listed later)
* Abortion shall be permitted
* Roles for the genders shall be somewhat prescribed, to protect the beauty of humans. Ugliness, whether physical or spiritual, will not be allowed reproduction. What good is a connection to the universe if we cannot even stand each other's company?
* Marriage shall become a thing of the past. Celebrations of love should be between a couple and the universe; the State should play no part in such natural affairs.
* Social programs to fight poverty should be a cornerstone, because we are particles in the roulette wheel of the universe, and there is no guarantee of survival waiting for our number to come up.
* We are at war with that which would attempt harm toward the universe. Christianity has done more such harm than any other group of humans in history; therefore we are at war against them.
* Nature provides the right medicine for all ailments.
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disfunkcija [May. 30th, 2015|03:10 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[music |Beck - Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997]

Lietas, ko es nespēju
1) Pamosties bez šausmīgām acu sāpēm - gandrīz vienmēr guļu 8h un nu jau kādu laiciņu nelietoju alhoholus, bet sāp tāpat un grūti celties
2) Sastrukturēt darāmās lietas hronoloģiskā secībā - galvā visu laiku sāku pievērsties kaut kam darāmam, bet tad pēkšņi ir jāiet paēst, jāiet ārā, jāiet (OBLIGĀTI) ciemos vai jādara kaut kas cits, kas izjauc visu secību, turklāt dažkārt, kad kārtoju skapi, sāk gribēties no sākuma sakārtot manu bitchass gultas apakšu, utml.
3) Uzrakstīt kaut ko sakarīgu - galvā paralēli risinās tik daudzas tēmas, ka par vienu konkrētu izteikties, turklāt vēl atrodoties dabiskā reibuma stāvoklī, kļūst ļōti grūti
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[May. 30th, 2015|01:30 am]
Vispār es esmu diezgan noguris. Šodien bija daudz ko darīt.
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[May. 30th, 2015|01:28 am]
[music |Fleshpress - Spiral Filter Forcing You Down To Black Pyramid]

To be positive and happy is to clutch at life essences only to expect to lose them; You burn the candle at nine ends and your life energy is snuffed out; This is why depression is salvation, for if you eternally postpone your joy, it is in this way inexhaustible and you never run out of good times. Only when we are able to abandon everything we ever dreamed can we really have our vault of happiness full.
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[May. 28th, 2015|10:41 pm]
neviens ar mani neatnāca uz operiņu. operiņa bija laba, karapetjans šeit labi strādājis. ne tā kā tajā stūūlbajā mož. vienīgais es aizgāju pēc 2. cēliena, jo man likās, ka viss ir atrisinājies (bija 3 cēlieni). vizuāli arī teicami.
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[May. 25th, 2015|02:34 pm]
[music |Cocorosie - Armageddon]

TVNET: 10 pārbaudīti padomi, kā kļūt valdzinošākai... un liktenīgākai!
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[May. 24th, 2015|05:52 am]
Precīzi noprognozēju pirmās 3 vietas un laimēju dāvanu karti klubā "Golden", ko arī veiksmīgi izmantoju.
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