Young & braless ([info]made_in_china) wrote on April 21st, 2011 at 09:42 pm
Hahaha. Es vienmēr to avīžu horoskopu rakstīšanu esmu iedomājusies tieši šādi:

"But,yes,I have to admit it,that even so early on there was the odd moment
of doubt,the firstinkling that everything one reads in a newspaper is not nec-
essarily the truth.One day the senior reporter turned to me and said,“Mate,
it’s your turn to do Suzanne”.
Suzanne? “Yes,the astrology column.‘Your Week
in the Stars’,by Suzanne”.
I looked bewildered. “Get your arse down to the filing
room,turn up some copies of the paper ten years ago,and copy out the stars.”
And then he added, “But change it around a bit. Stick the stuff for Aquarius under
Leo and all that crap. And don’t give the same people bad luck two days running.
They’ll complain.”"

No Phillip Knightley "Why we still need serious journalism"
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