Maijs 2., 2020

DS It seems to me from all that you've been saying that in the end what matters most to you is not an immediacy in the work's reference to reality, but a tension between juxtaposed references to different realities and the tension between a reference to reality and the artificial structure by which it's made.
FB Well, it's in the artificial structure that the reality of the subject will be caught, and the trap will close over the subject-matter and leave only the reality. One always starts work with the subject, no matter how tenuous it is, and one constructs an artificial structure by which one can trap the reality of the subject-matter that one has started from.
DS The subject's a sort of bait?
FB The subject is the bait.
DS And what is that reality that remains, that residue? How does it relate to what you began with?
FB It doesn't necessarily relate to it, but you will have created a realism equivalent to the subject-matter which will be what is left in its place. You have to start from somewhere, and you start from the subject which gradually, if the thing works at all, withers away and leaves this residue which we call reality and which perhaps has something tenuously to do with what one started with but very often has very little to do with it.

David Sylvester - The Brutality of Fact. Interviews with Francis Bacon. Thames and Hudson 1987 pp 181-182

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