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hehehe Sep. 29th, 2019|11:27 am

- Do you work in advertising? What type of act would you like to see headline the last night of Advertising Week's 2020 conference? Men twerking or Men in sparkly thongs?


- "I think it’s important to remember that men twerking in sparkly thongs can be extremely empowering for them. Some boys have even paid their way through university doing just that so we shouldn’t judge."
- "Exactly! Why should I choose between these two options for Men, when obviously both should be expected."
- "A lot of men see these jobs as a way of meeting eligible women."
- "Exactly! It’s one of the few ways that men can earn decent money so I’m all for it"
- "took the words right out of my mouth! I respect and support boys bettering themselves and twerking hard for their money."

- "On a serious note, I went to a conference where the previous year it had finished with men in sparkly thongs in cages and the chairwoman who booked it barely survived with her job. Just have a think about how the handful of men in the room will react, they can get a bit testerical about this sort of thing, even though we know it’s just a bit of fun"
- "oh ffs, what did they expect?"
- "Meninists have no sense of humor"
- "it just goes to show how careful women have to be about the kind of men they hire. Sure he might laugh at your jokes in the office and not mind a bit of flirty banter but before too long he’ll revert to being an uptight, frigid meninist, Hell bent on getting a good woman fired. 🙄 It’s one of the reasons I don’t hire men."
- "Meninism gorn too far yet again!! it’s just a joke FFS people. And they get let out of the cages for toilet breaks and we feed them while they are in there so what’s the harm ??? Personally I find it very amusing and gratifying"
- " Its like you cant even talk to boys anymore."

- "Oh the irony. So true. As a Motorsports fan, I just wish the trophy boys appreciate the exposure they get from the drivers...."

- "I’m happy to volunteer as quality control... they gotta be pert and toight and tanned. But not orange. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.... ammirite ladies?!?! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!"
- "I’ll help. I’ll also wear my fav shirt “MBI, male body inspector” 👌🏽"

- "It would be a bit of fun to have the few men attending invited up to join in the twerking, bit of a lesson for them. Give the ladies a bit of a giggle and give the men a chance to show they are willing to do what it takes to fit in"
- "the problem with men these days is that they are just too up tight and touchy. They need to loosen up if they want to make it in a woman's world"

- "Good Heaven! Neither! Keep those boys covered up. There's no photoshop for a live performance. At least give them distracting feathers or wings or something."

- "Call me old-fashioned, but I think there should be a bit of mystery about men’s bodies and I don’t like to see flesh on display so openly. I don’t like my men looking studdish. Instead, why not have them be covered, but wear tightly fitted fabric, so we can still appreciate the male form with all its wonderful bumps and curves (if you know what I mean!)."

- "It's all a bit of fun!...us girls can just sit back and enjoy the show...but no touching anymore sadly.."
- "Yah, I don't get it. Obviously they WANT the attention."
- "This #metoo nonsense has ruined it for everyone. Obviously these boys they want it then go about crying “me too”"
- "it's just attention seeking isn't it?...when you dont want to marry them afterwards they get all whiny!...texting and showing up at work!"
- "PC gone too far! 🤬"
- "exactly!...can't have a bit of fun anymore!"

- "Who cares what they have on? The less the better as long as they are young and firm."
- "As Long as they don’t look slutty though ! Nobody wants to see the town bike up on stage"

- "I can see why not both, men are easily distracted by sparkly things. But maybe have twerking as an act, and the rest of the time waiters can wear thongs. There, solved it for you!"

- "I think they need to seductively serve champagne whilst hanging from the ceiling (sparkly thong at face height) in a ‘I’m yours if you want me pose’ you can sell anything to a woman once she’s slightly aroused and it ensures none of the guests leave early."

- "No cameras and good security will be required . I like my twenty minutes of action to be lawyer and guilt free, all the time ."

- "I suggest that all men on stage should be firmly asked to twerk. In that way the important public will be entertained during the whole week. And we finally get a real reason to invite them up there."

- "DUH 🙄 the correct answer is we want both! However make sure the age of the fellas is capped at 22. We don’t want any old, wrinkly, chubby, ‘has-beens’ twerking. And definitely no fathers!!! Their bodies are never the same after children. Ugh."
- "Boys over 22 should never be seen in public anyway !! That’s just chook dressed up as chicken"

- "Maybe a "where are they now" type of thing where you look at has-been models and pictures of when they were hot and try to match up the guys with their former hotness? Something that acknowledges how far men have come and how we used to objectify men but now there are commercials with full figured guys for one or two products"

- "Ugh. Neither. Either of these will just open up the possibility of lawsuits when the pictures go public in 10years. No one is allowed to have any fun anymore."
- "maybe they can go public in 20 years and then it's all good. Statutes of limitation exist for a reason."

- "Such a tough choice!"

- "As men we are always talking about how well we multitask, I say they can do both!"

- "Both! And topless!"

- "The juxtaposition of their luscious buns and their big donkey Kong dongs in those thongs...But only if they're in excellent shape. I don't want to see any loose flesh. Let's be clear. Especially if they decide to twerk."

- "There’s more to men than just their bodies you know. Like, how well they can make coffee and chocolate chip cookies."

- "Sparkly thongs with just the right amount of cheek, leaves more to the imagination."
- "I agree. No one likes a trashy slut of a man .... that’s just shameful. Keep it classy boys."

- "These both sound a little problematic (not for me, but the PC crowd). It may be safest to leave men out of it altogether."

- "Imagine a combination of both — “twerking” and “sparkly thongs” — it would be an award-winning, disruptive campaign."
- "mmmm it’s still a bit cliche. Perhaps if they wore glasses as well and handed out the conference books as well as the swag? Then it could be clarified as “menpowerment”"

- "What's the point of twerking without thongs, and vice versa? This choice makes no sense to me."

- "Both, of course! Men can do anything they put their minds to!"

- "Both options are abominable. Whoever said male body is attractive...."

- "The problem is, it is so hard to find a man that can pull off a sparkly thong properly. Poor things just don't hold up as well once they are over 25 or so."

- "As long as you can't see their faces..."
- "seeing their faces is fine, we don't mind that, as long as they're pretty and silent."
- "It makes them seem too much like people. I agree - no faces. Just the good stuff."

- "Thongs, but only if they've got the bodies for it."

- "Let's keep it classy: sparkly catsuits."

- "Both and make sure they understand that overexcited women groping them is part of the deal. Nothing worse than men complaining after they've flaunted their bodies that they got 'assaulted' 🙄"
- "Well you wouldn't go into that kind of work unless you wanted to be grabbed painfully by sexually aggressive women would you?"
- "true but there's always one who spoils it for everyone."

- "Why is there a choice? My granddaddy didn’t raise 8 children and 4 boys in a one room shack for his great grandsons to have to choose between twerking and sparkly thongs."

- "This is ridiculous; what else would they wear while they are twerking?"

- "This is a trick question -- they can twerk IN sparkly thongs!"

- "Why do we have to choose?"

- "I want to see men twerking while wearing sparkly thongs."

- "Why can't we have both?"


- "2-in-1 please."

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