13 Janvāris 2019 @ 15:33
The Next Chapter is Always the Best.  

“The truth is, love is not blind, and it’s not a battlefield, and it’s not the sun, or the moon, or everything we load onto it. It’s just a word until someone gives it meaning.”

Saistīts attēls

Dr. Kapoor: [examining Sharon's cat] It sounds like we have a lethargic pussy on our hands.

Carol: Since when is sex not a good enough reason for a man?

Vivian: Honey, you're not dealing with a man, you're dealing with an older man. Different animal.

Diane: Me? Oh, I don't remember.

Mitchell: Everybody remembers their first kiss.

Diane: How about I tell you about my best kiss?

Mitchell: Maybe that hasn't happened yet.