20 Augusts 2019 @ 11:51
Šodiena ir tik gudra, ka pakaļā duras.
20 Augusts 2019 @ 07:50
Generation Z
19 Augusts 2019 @ 22:08
Tell the wolves .....  
''He would brush by me, casually running his hand against my back. Or he would drop a pencil and touch a finger to my ankle as he stooped to pick it up. There was something so electric about it. So dangerous. Those little touches were everything. I lived for them . You can build a whole world around the tiniest of touches. Did you know that? Can you imagine? ''

- You think I don't know about wrong love, June? You think I don't understand embarrassing love?

unicorn, horse, and wedding image

*I am still hoping for that world where You can love whoever You want and don't feel embarrassed about it.
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19 Augusts 2019 @ 09:31
Pirms tiesā citus, padomā par to, cik no tā, ko pieprasi vai vēlies no citiem, dari Tu pats.

Apdirsties var, cik es šodien jauks. Visiem, kas nāk pretī pieri pierē, ceļu padodu es.
19 Augusts 2019 @ 06:51
Vakar aizmigu ar slapjiem matiem. Nedaudz bail šorīt iet un spogulī skatīties 😁