Заметки алкоголика и придурка

23. Janvāris 2023


Kāpēc Zeļenska sieva tusē Davosā?


The WEF just say whatever gives them more power, and it is currently wokery. They are amoral sociopaths, and like their aspiring servant, Sam Bankman-Fried, would tell you as much in private conversation. There are lots of opportunists on the lower levels as well. Their supporters, on the other hand, often just believe that they are on the right side of history, and thus already automatically virtuous in whatever they do. They don't need to be considerate, generous, or even compassionate towards others, because they are already good people and have "done the work". Being on "team good" also lets them act nasty without cognitive dissonance.

Edward Dutton has a good summary of the phenomenon (and has also done a few longer videos on the matter):

Based on large-sample statistical analysis, this personality type is characterized by selfishness, high compassion in rhetoric and low compassion in practice, malicious envy and anger towards others, a preference for harm avoidance, and a strong lust for power. They are perfectly happy to hurt others in the interests of "the greater good", and will be furious towards those who disagree with their "good" beliefs. So they are by and large what they appear to be to the careful observer: nasty people.
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