Заметки алкоголика и придурка

3. Janvāris 2023

16:23 - vaksijiem, kas sākuši žēloties par veselību - ieteikums pārbaudīties uz trombiem

German public broadcaster ZDF shows a clip about vaxx damaged patients
(Auto-translate works well)

This is the broadcasting corporation that smeared everyone as a right-wing conspiracy theorist who predicted what they are now reporting on. Interestingly, in the clip they claim that the vaxx damage is the same as long covid (they even always say "long covid and alleged vaccination damage", as if the former is a certainty, the latter is not yet determined), however everyone that gets interviewed got the symptoms from the vaxx, not from covid.
Especially interesting is the doctor that starts to appear at about 6:35. She does haemodialysis on patients that got the vaxx, and she talks about the blood clotting, and says she saw an several patients where no blood flew when she injected the needle for the haemodialysis, but when she pulled out the needle a 12 cm clot was attached to it.
This fits exactly to what the O'Looney mortician was talking about.

Edit: LOL, just saw that google put a "learn about vaccines from the WHO" fact check on this clip.


A heart specialist who originally promoted the vaxx sits down with Tucker to discuss the damage it is doing after being redpilled by his fellow specialists and the death of his father...
Of course this guy WAS an expert when all the MSM had him on their shows when he was in favor of the vaxx, but now he is treated as a "fringe debunked conspiracy theorist," that is only allowed to speak on Fox news and GB news.

I don't know how anyone can explain how "experts," for the MSM suddenly become "conspiracy theorists," when they change their opinions based on new data which is actual science.

Read for "Trust the science," "Trust the narrative."

And this guy is saying that the vaxx gives you heart issues at many times the rate as if you were not vaxxed, as he heard from other specialists looking into pfizer trial data and as he experienced himself.

This is how the same guy was treated before and after by the establishment. check for yourself on google, one minute he is an esteemed expert questioning the "myth," of saturated fats and sugar leading to heart attacks cited by the BMJ the next a nutjob anti-vaxxer.
google meklējums before/after (bilde)

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