Заметки алкоголика и придурка

15. Augusts 2022

18:09 - commies never change


Trump hiding secret documents in his toiled is true beyong all doubts, because for them Trump is guilty of every single thing that he could possibly be guilty of a priori. It's not about finding out whether he did something, it's about fidning the evidence for what they know beyond all doubts as an article of their religious faith that he did.

And don't think for a second planting evidendence is below them, not the least because they already done it many times, and i would classify the Steele dossier as planting evidence as well.

To say that l1bruls allowed their TDS to spiral out of control to the point America is a literal banana republic is a bit misleading, because l1bruls were always communists and never gave less than a shit about the rule of law from the start. TDS just made them careless and unable to hide their true colors.


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