Заметки алкоголика и придурка

28. Jūlijs 2022


- You'd think that if the thing really was "safe and effective" they'd be happy they got it and shut the fuck up. I was vaxed against the measles when I was a kid and never felt the urge to get this "holier than thou" attitude to the kid who got the measles in class. After all, I WAS protected. Which means that either they won't admit the shit doesn't work, or there's some cunt-boosting drug in those fucking vials.
Either that or this is the most advanced coping mechanism we've seen yet.
- Yeah, I have a friend who took the shots and boosters, and also "vaccinated" his son, and he is just like that. It's almost as if he realized he has been had, and that if he's been had that means he's a sucker, so in order for him not to be a sucker everyone not in agreement with him must be a superstitious hillbilly. I have even had to avoid discussing this matter with a few friends who I considered intelligent because they are taking it as pretty much a religious matter. They claim to "follow the science" but the wording itself of the phrase makes it sound like an article of faith.



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