Заметки алкоголика и придурка

27. Jūnijs 2022


The stuff they are talking about here on camera just shows they are not even pretending anymore.

Schwab "Not only you have to have co-operations with other business' , but also governments and regulation boards." ... He says this in such a way to Bourla that you just know he is deeply frustrated that Pfizer and the WEF are not just able to dictate to the world what to do. And also at no point are either interested in co-operation with the people or co-operation with anybody who questions them.

Schwab then talks about the approval process, with dismissive hand gestures ..."The FDA, the European regulation, usually it's a very cumbersome process...Do you think governments understood very fast your needs and reacted positively to your needs?"

Bourla "There are examples that maybe we can improve for future situations."

It's insane how they have such hubris to talk about how the government and regulation bodies should be taken out of their way so they can do what they want as private individuals and companies to the public.

And they have these two creepy Bond villains openly talking about their world domination plans. They don't even hire PR people to hide their plans and contempt for the people with a fancy feel good script about working for the betterment of mankind and employ hipster "I love science," stooge presenters to try and dress it up anymore. It's just two gravel voiced evil looking globalist creeps talking about their demands for world domination.
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