Заметки алкоголика и придурка

18. Maijs 2022


The Finnish President Sauli Niinistö summarised the gift Putin gave to NATO with his war over Ukraine.

"Look into the mirror. You caused this."

Strong words from strong leader.

Thanks to Putin, NATO will now gain one of the strongest militaries in entire Europe and outright the largest by far, most modern artillery force of entire Europe including Russian assets in it's European regions.

And how much will Finland have to pay for this? None. Because to us Russia was always the enemy and we always prepared for the attack from the east and unlike rest of Europe we never drove down our military. Why do we have to pay nothing? Because we already, by our own exceed the 2% requirement. By far if we'd calculate it like some other countries, including US does. We already can fit that measly 50 million mutual payment to common infrastructure. All of our equipment is already NATO standard. Joining NATO umbrella will literally cost nothing to Finland while it'll cost everything to Russia.In fact thanks to preferential pricing it makes things CHEAPER.

Thank you Putin.

Because of you, one of the largest, one of the strongest and one of the best prepared modern militaries by your borders will join NATO. You gave them a gift they've been asking for (literally, behind the curtains) for three decades. Finally Baltics will not be isolated. And it's all thanks to you. I hope you will be proud of your achievements.
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