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29. Augusts 2019

00:03 - the ride never ends

vot galvenā problēma jau nav ar čīkstīgiem evolūcijas atkritumiem kā tādiem, bet to, ka establišments ir sācis pilnībā pakļauties viņu iegribām
Commercial Banned in UK Because it Shows Woman Caring For a Baby
The commercial was banned by the UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) after just three people complained, with the ASA asserting that it violated gender stereotyping rules.

“By juxtaposing images of men in extraordinary environments and carrying out adventurous activities with women who appeared passive or engaged in a stereotypical care-giving role, we considered that the ad directly contrasted stereotypical male and female roles and characteristics in a manner that gave the impression that they were exclusively associated with one gender,” said the ASA. “We concluded that the ad presented gender stereotypes in way that was likely to cause harm and therefore breached the Code.”

kārtējā uzvara fašistu medniekiem laikam


Reknowned Leftist author Alex Schulman's childhood home has become a mosque
Published August 28, 2019 at 11.03
DOMESTIC. Author Alex Schulman spent his summers in crisis-hit Filipstad. But now the grandparents' house in the municipality has been turned into a mosque.
Today, Mission Review's eminent feature of Filipstad is broadcast, which has been in a deep economic crisis since the municipality has received many immigrants.
The Swedish population is leaving, while the foreign is increasing.
Alex Schulman was named Filipstad's ambassador in 2019, and he says he is surprised by the city's resilience.
As a child, he spent the summers with his grandparents in Filipstad. Now that house has become a mosque.

- "I knocked on the door and it was empty, and so I went in because it was open. The whole grandfather's library where he had his 15,000 books was a prayer room with carpets. Finally, there came a person who showed me around a little. It was one of the strongest things I have been to, to see that all this stuff I grew up in now was turned into a mosque. It was very nice i should say", says Alex Schulman in SVT.

Atgādina no skatu no Laika Mašīnas filmas, kur eloji ieved savā 'bibliotēkā', kur visas grāmatas burtiski sairst galvenā varoņa acu priekšā, tām pieskaroties. Velss ar saviem elojiem/morlokiem vispār nejauši izrādījās pravietisks. Vai arī viņam jau bija zināms šāds stāsts no kādas citas vēstures.


23:53 - noo nooo nnooo replacement at all muh conspairacy

Shock as 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all... double the number of five years ago
  • Number of such schools has more than doubled from 31 in 2008
  • Highest concentration of schools is Birmingham with 22
  • Primary schools make up 67 of the total number
  • Critics say Labour's 'open-door' policy created integration problems
More than 80 state schools in England have no white British pupils, Government figures show.
The number of such schools appears to have more than doubled over the past five years, and the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.
The new figures follow research showing that white Britons are retreating from areas dominated by ethnic minorities, to be replaced by immigrants and other ethnic minorities.
Vienīgi nesaprotu par ko ir šoks. Kā apzināta politika var tik ļoti šokēt?

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