Заметки алкоголика и придурка

30. Jūlijs 2019

13:35 - pēdējais ņūzfīds no Eloistānas

Two bombs and one shooting in Landskrona - in just a few hours
Sweden needs 1,000 more prison cells and detention centers
Woman raped at festival - surrounded by "some guys"
Masked man stuck his hand inside the window - and started shooting wildly
Immigration causes poverty to increase in Sweden

Greta [Thunberg] is going to sail to the United States
(The super rich are at it again. The boat is from Monaco and the son of Princess Caroline seems to be the skipper - together with a - surprise - German.

His other climate protection activities include owning a private helicopter company, offering helicopter shuttle services and luxury helicopter rides and car racing.)

First world problems.


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