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26. Jūnijs 2017

01:04 - interedasting

Simply a notion of smug self-superiority arising from years of peace and calling out crimes of other nations indiscriminately. It is the opposite of "guilt complex", it's a "Jesus complex".
On an individual level, it's a contest to be the "nicest guy". On a societal level, it is the concept of Sweden as a morally superior country, which has been able to form due to the years of peace (hence the term "moral superpower" - laughable, but it has been used unironically). People here fundamentally don't understand cultural differences and struggles between groups of people, because Sweden has been so homogeneous and spared all conflicts of the last 200 years. So they project their own utopian ideas on other people. Think of it as a toddler trying to pet a lion.
Quantitatively, studies have also shown extremely high levels of trust to strangers and governmental institutions. So it is no surprise that when the government comes up with a crazy utopian plan to bring lots of strangers here, that people go along with it.
"Flagellation" is the wrong word, since most Swedes do not encounter much problems in their personal life. Rather, a person could take one virtue-signaling selfie with refugees, only to afterwards not give a shit when Muslims start piling up in ghettoes which become centers of criminal activity and a huge drain on resources. As usual, the people who shout the hardest for more immigration are those who are sheltered the most from the consequences.
Sweden has been quite wealthy before, so the economic effect is not as apparent as you could believe. 99% of people who vote immigration-friendly are not flagellating themselves, they simply do not understand where their train is heading. They are stuck in an utopian mindset where all people really want the same democratic society and have the same cognitive ability, and all the bad guys are "not real Muslims". Think of all the fake news and apologism you would read in Huffington Post or similar. These people really, sincerely believe that stuff. They are striving for their notion of a perfect, utopian society - no guilt required. They are unable to comprehend that people would want to live off welfare while working illegally, or that people would want to kick fags from rooftops and behead blasphemers. If you try to explain such things to anyone you would be met only with smug superiority and accusations of racism.


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