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Camel, Marlborough and Bond Nov. 20th, 2017|01:13 pm

Uzdāvināju sev svētkos Džozefa Kem[p]bela Varoni ar desmitsimts sejām.
ēpubs uz brīdi stāv plauktiņā

izrādās, Holdens Kōlfīlds arī ir no Kembeliem. vai Ketveļiem.

Campbell is primarily a Scottish surname of Gaelic origins.
In Scotland, the name itself derives from two Scottish Gaelic words. "Cam" (crooked) and "Beul" (mouth) meaning "Crooked mouth" or "wry-mouthed", originally a nickname which over time became used as a surname.
Campbell is the third most common surname in Northern Ireland, fourth most common in Jamaica, seventh most common in Scotland, 12th most common in Canada, 18th most common in Australia, 41st most common in the United States and 65th most common in England.
The Irish occurrence of the name usually has a different derivation, from the surname Mac Cathmhaoil. Descendants of a famous war-leader (Cathmhaoil means "battle chief") took the surname, which was often pronounced "Cammel". This coincided with the pronunciation of the Scottish surname "Campbell", and was therefore anglicised to the same spelling. From this Irish surname, a number of derivations were derived including MacCawill, McCaul, MacCall, Caulfield, and of course Campbell.
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