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[03 Jan 2018|10:30am]
'cause the sky is breaking
it's deeper than love
i know the way you feel
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[01 Jan 2018|10:00pm]
In the hallway when you get too high and talk forever
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[28 Dec 2017|06:07am]
I'm writing my heart out, my heart out for you
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[27 Dec 2017|10:30am]
Break my arms around the one I love and be forgiven by the time my lover comes
Break my arms around my love
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[26 Dec 2017|10:18am]
All our lives get complicated
Search for pleasures overrated
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[23 Dec 2017|04:05pm]
So cool and deep that if I sink I sink,
And when I swim I fly, so high.
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[20 Dec 2017|10:52pm]
When I just wanna' sit here and watch you undress
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[13 Dec 2017|10:51pm]
Let me be let me be closer
Or let me be
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[09 Dec 2017|06:57pm]
And I've been thinking lots about your mouth
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[09 Dec 2017|06:55pm]
Why do you talk so loud?
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[02 Dec 2017|07:28pm]
You promised me the ending would be clear
You'd let me know when the time was now
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[26 Nov 2017|09:49pm]
I had to listen had no choice
I did not believe the information
I just had to trust imagination
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[25 Nov 2017|11:53am]
They want to give her 7 years
For being sad
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[15 Nov 2017|11:22pm]
And so and now I'm sorry I missed you
I had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain
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[04 Nov 2017|10:26pm]
When the colours turn grey and the lights all fade
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[18 Oct 2017|10:54pm]
We'd go down to the river
And into the river we'd dive
Oh down to the river we'd ride
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[15 Oct 2017|08:21am]
Nothing unusual, nothing strange
Close to nothing at all
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[28 Sep 2017|10:38pm]
You, you know where to run
You run electron blue.
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[27 Sep 2017|10:52pm]
Something happened on the day he died
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[17 Sep 2017|07:46am]
But in the morning they were wrong
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