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[29 Jan 2018|10:57am]
So we're fine
We love to dance, we love to love
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[23 Jan 2018|10:41pm]
I feel I'm sinking, sinking without you.
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[19 Jan 2018|05:43pm]
So don't go dark on me
It's all alright
If I'm gonna get back to you someday
I'll need your light
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[17 Jan 2018|06:42pm]
visi akmeņi zied uz iekšu
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[14 Jan 2018|10:16pm]
Star people
Trying to forget they had to pay for what you see
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[13 Jan 2018|07:48pm]
once you, were in my...
rearview mirror...
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[12 Jan 2018|11:00pm]
One day out of hundreds.
A night, a week, history.
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[11 Jan 2018|11:34am]
I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things could cut me
I've seen so much in so many places
So many heartaches, so many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn't even believe
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[08 Jan 2018|12:57pm]
I jump on a high speed train
I'll never look back again
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[03 Jan 2018|10:30am]
'cause the sky is breaking
it's deeper than love
i know the way you feel
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[01 Jan 2018|10:00pm]
In the hallway when you get too high and talk forever
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[28 Dec 2017|06:07am]
I'm writing my heart out, my heart out for you
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[27 Dec 2017|10:30am]
Break my arms around the one I love and be forgiven by the time my lover comes
Break my arms around my love
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[26 Dec 2017|10:18am]
All our lives get complicated
Search for pleasures overrated
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[23 Dec 2017|04:05pm]
So cool and deep that if I sink I sink,
And when I swim I fly, so high.
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[20 Dec 2017|10:52pm]
When I just wanna' sit here and watch you undress
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[13 Dec 2017|10:51pm]
Let me be let me be closer
Or let me be
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[09 Dec 2017|06:57pm]
And I've been thinking lots about your mouth
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[09 Dec 2017|06:55pm]
Why do you talk so loud?
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[02 Dec 2017|07:28pm]
You promised me the ending would be clear
You'd let me know when the time was now
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