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[16 Apr 2018|10:31pm]
I still miss someone
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[12 Apr 2018|10:11pm]
Could it stay with me the whole day long
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[04 Apr 2018|05:32pm]
Poetry and prose and Martha
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[01 Apr 2018|07:54pm]
Slightly, only slightly less
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[30 Mar 2018|04:53pm]
Forty days and I miss you
I'm so high that I've lost my mind
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[29 Mar 2018|09:10pm]
This I will recall
Everytime I fall
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[16 Mar 2018|10:16pm]
The reasons to try
Fell around us like rain
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[15 Mar 2018|09:47pm]
One more try
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[13 Mar 2018|07:54pm]
You say just what you mean
And in between it's never as it seems

Help me to name it
Help me to name it
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[01 Mar 2018|09:13pm]
Are you listening?
Up there
To anyone at all
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[20 Feb 2018|10:48pm]
So I say run, run, sparkling light,
Have your fun and then come home at night
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[18 Feb 2018|05:46pm]
Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes
I swear I can see your soul
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[13 Feb 2018|09:42pm]
Down in the lime tree arbour
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[10 Feb 2018|10:28pm]
I've been sleepwalking
Dreams talking
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[08 Feb 2018|09:50pm]
Water so deep,
How do we breath
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[02 Feb 2018|11:16pm]
Old man take a look at my life
I'm a lot like you
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[31 Jan 2018|09:43pm]
Didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?
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[29 Jan 2018|10:57am]
So we're fine
We love to dance, we love to love
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[23 Jan 2018|10:41pm]
I feel I'm sinking, sinking without you.
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[19 Jan 2018|05:43pm]
So don't go dark on me
It's all alright
If I'm gonna get back to you someday
I'll need your light
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