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27.-Mar-2012 09:56 pm
21:25 < V_PauAmma_V> (Mark tried to find a way and it nearly drove him insane, IIRC)
21:44 < xb95> I got it working, heh. It was hacky though and I didn't like it and of course, we 
              had a discussion with LJ staff that was basically "this will probably get you 
21:45 < skakri> xb95: because of rate limiting or something among these lines?
21:49 < xb95> it would be hard to do it well without hitting LJ very hard, but also, it's one 
              thing to import content in someone's journal (their content, they've asked for 
              it.. communities are slightly fuzzier, but at least it's an admin) but it's a very 
              different matter to load up protected content from passers-by and store it in our 
21:49  * geekosaur thinks just that is good enough reason to say "sorry, no"
21:50 < xb95> yeah
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