June 5th, 2019

01:45 pm

"Oh, yeah Bible?!...Now we about to compare, non sarcastically, by the way, this is a legit attempt at the defiance of Islam, is to compare the Bible to the Quran. Well by the way this is where he conflates the Old and the New Testament. So Christianity...here is a basic analysis of Christianity! They lean towards New Testament. The New Testament is the Jesus shit! Ok?! It's supersede The Old Testament! That's why they ignore the Old Testament! We are not talking about Orthodox jews, Keek! We are talking about Jesus worshipers...and who is Jesus?! A hippy virgin! Pacifist! Who is Muhammad?! A beheading, raping pedophile cunt! Warlord! Do you spot a difference there, Keek?!"

Devon Tracey
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