they won't leave if you don't stop dancing

sooner or later you'll recognize

5/18/22 07:41 pm - a sequence of bliss

vislabāk jūtos, kad guļu

3/12/22 08:53 pm - a sequence of exit signs

pēkšņas izmisuma sajūtas

2/15/22 02:23 pm - a sequence of seesaws

how not to fear

1/18/22 11:51 pm - a sequence of bursts

izteiktas nepatikas izpausmes

5/5/21 01:29 am - a sequence of changes

es kļūsti par sevi

5/1/21 12:32 am - a sequence of locations

my people need a place to go

1/21/21 11:25 pm - a sequence of memories

for me, to remember

1/17/21 07:25 pm - a sequence of quotes

The moment that you die will feel exactly the same as this one. - The End

8/11/20 05:20 pm - a sequence of secrets

vai tev ir kauns? vai tev ir tas lielais kauns, kurš pat sapņos rādās un mosties bailēs?
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