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ITS DONE! [Apr. 28th, 2016|01:36 pm]
[Sajūtas |accomplished]
[Skaņas |Olafur Arnalds - Improvisations]

Disertācija ir pabeigta, iesūtīta, tagad tik jāsagaida, kad varēs iešūt vāciņos and I'm done.. for good.. Kur palika mans laiks ?
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STAR WARS ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY FEMINISM /r [Apr. 20th, 2016|02:29 pm]
[Sajūtas | nauseated]
[Skaņas |Hangdrums]

Masculinity isn't being unemotional, heterosexual, competitive and dominant. That's traditional bullshit.
Masculinity is being caring, understanding, thoughtful and encouraging.
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I believe in good luck [Apr. 17th, 2016|11:59 am]

kad tēja ir tik tuvu, grūti izrāpties no gultas.
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[Apr. 4th, 2016|01:04 am]
Almost there. Viva la things
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Love is [Mar. 24th, 2016|06:22 pm]
[Sajūtas | cheerful]
[Skaņas |Helios - Carry with us]

watching Godzilla at 1am
Eating tangy Haribos before lunch
cuddling while still half-asleep
rolling around the house
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Illusion of[] [Feb. 28th, 2016|01:26 am]
[Skaņas |Nuages]

What if I were to dream a dream where I do not exist?
Would that still be one of my dreams? Would i still be myself?
Would I be somebody else in and.. outside of it?
To make further and further advances is to dream of a time where you are not [].
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Luff [Feb. 5th, 2016|11:02 pm]
I love it when people are happy.
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Ātrais kanēļa pīrāgs [Jan. 31st, 2016|10:26 pm]
Jāpabauda Polija. Ar šņabīti? Nu bet protams. Dzīve prasa
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Fun with Unity [Jan. 27th, 2016|11:08 pm]
Mākoņi no rotējošām plaknēm, parādās nez no kurienes kā biedējoši krāsaini kabatas lakatiņi.
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Ceļā uz otrām mājām [Jan. 23rd, 2016|10:49 am]
[Skaņas |Astro'n'out - Monsters]

Balts un gaišs ceļš. Ziema ir tik skaista, mazliet sāp.
Bet ir labi. Viss ir tik ļoti labi un pareizi.
They're only in my head.
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Sveiks, cibiņ. [Jan. 2nd, 2016|12:52 am]
Jauns gads. Jauni austiņi.
Un tikai mazliet auksts, bet ne iekšā. Iekšā man silti, silti =^^=
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MMmņammmm [Dec. 28th, 2015|10:35 pm]
Pārpalikušie zirņi no svētku galda + kefīrs.
Am nam
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[Dec. 24th, 2015|05:42 pm]
Christmas Christmas Christmas, yay ^_^
My home is where my butt is.
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Dark poetry [Dec. 7th, 2015|01:20 am]
It's engulfing me.

I find myself alone in a frightening building at the dead of night. I am filled with an eerily familiar mixture of fear and rage. I reason that I could either curl up on the floor and whine pathetically or take responsibility for my inner anxieties and act with certainty. I decide on the latter, and call out the name of my personal demon and psychic tormentor. I repeat this shout with increasing volume several times, until he appears, reeking of evil and smouldering foully. My fury overcomes a sudden feeling of spiders crawling in my duodenum, and I launch myself at the demon, screaming an assortment of obscenities, pummelling him viciously. As I punch, he seems to diminish in size. I continue to beat him, until there is nothing left of him except his Doctor Marten boots, which I fling from the window into the night with a callous laugh.
Subsequently, I am unable to sleep at nights, as I worry greatly that there may have been something of the demon still left in the toes of the boots. I attempt to find them, but the frightening house is not on any street in my town. Weary now from sleeplessness, I wait in my room for the demon to return, and regret deeply having behaved so decisively.

Acting with certainty/Stanley Downward
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Only 3 days to levelling up [Dec. 4th, 2015|05:02 pm]
[Skaņas |Saycet - Kien Lang]

Referāts par Gamergate un social activism kaut kādā veidā pārtapa par "stigma of female sexuality and the rise of feminism" (izklausās pēc lielformāta zombijfilmas). Must be the weather.
To keep a woman out you need a gate.
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hm [Nov. 30th, 2015|02:30 pm]
Ceļojumu biroju pakalpojumi uz Japānu no Uk un LV. 14 dienas. Praktiski identisks maršruts.
No ŪĶeja lētāk. Kaut kā jocīgi.
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Word. [Nov. 15th, 2015|12:51 am]
Stop killing people you fucking twats..
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When the first light strikes. [Nov. 3rd, 2015|10:44 pm]
[Sajūtas | bouncy]
[Skaņas |Sigur Ros - Ekki Múkk]

I will sparkle at the sight. My life has low resolution, but it's fine. I don't like it rushing by.
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I.. caaant// Bweeethe xDD [Nov. 1st, 2015|11:28 pm]
[Skaņas |Thousand Foot Krutch]

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I [Oct. 23rd, 2015|12:58 am]
[Sajūtas | silly]
[Skaņas |Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams]

Really Really Really Really Really Really
Like you.

teehee. *giggle giggle*

Somewhat magical. The good kind.
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