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Es vēl kautrējos, bet man ir M-16, tas nomierina.

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Kas psihiatriju padara par zinātni?

Šito man tas draugs-psihoterapeits ieteica noskatīties, kad es dalījos viņā ar savu mazo atklājumu. Vispār filma šokējoša, liela daļa izskatās aiz matiem pievilkta, bet tie varoņi ir ar dažādiem uzskatiem, ja pamana. Un kas ļaunākais - neviena vārda par šizīšiem, kas bez jebkādiem simulantiem redz zilus brīnumus, neviena vārda par to, kā tieši 'drugs' noved līdz pašnāvībām un sērijslepkavībām. Vienbrīd man gribējās to filmu ielikt plauktiņā pie citām konspirācijškonspirācijteoriju filmām, bet šis tas aizķērās gan.

Ā, un šis ir mans mazais atklājums:
About my discoveries. I have developed a little hypothesis. There are these three whales on witch humankind rides - culture, religion and science. And these whales float in the see of philosophy. Some versions say that philosophy is like sky or heaven that covers these three main objects, well, it is like the blanket that doesn't interfere directly but is based on these objects. It's kind of obvious that when the culture&science&religion were cognitivly realised and cathegorized that only then philosophy could cover them. (It's not my idea, there have been a lot of wiser people than me that discovered that.) What I think I have discovered are that some disciplines that seem to be in the belly of one of the whales could actually be originated from another whale. The more I research psychology the more I tend to believe that it probably has more to do with religion than with science. There are some patterns in psychology that can fall only under the title of religion and not under the title of science. Firstly the word itself states that it research&cures soul. No science does that. A science doctor can research dead body and can tell what physical illnesses one have had. No psychologist can tell the mental illnesses one have had just by researching a dead body. (Though self caused injuries could give some information but not enough to make a conclusion.) So physical evidence isn't the main source in research. So a psychologist has to take the role of a priest. And the more confession he or she gets the more effective psychology can be (or better indulgence one gets). When the situation gets too tough another method that has noticable similarities with religion can be applied. And that is the drug use. While shamans for example use mushrooms (ok, urine of a reindeer that has eaten the mushrooms and yes the flying reindeer has to do something with Santa Claus as well) to research macrocosm and symbolicaly return to microcosm, psychiatrist prescribes drugs to bring order in the microcosm. Note - while long term alcohol and other drug use is considered socially unacceptable this doesn't apply for drugs that are used for religious practice and/or in psychiatry. Though the drugs themselves doesn't change. They are as addictive no matter where they are used. This is just a small silly hypothesis, I have to do much deeper research in order to make it more or less a theory.
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