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[Mar. 16th, 2024|12:50 pm]

Damn, ir 2024.gads un cilvēki vēl aizvien vilcienos ēd belašus
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[Feb. 15th, 2024|11:49 pm]
saka "spikes spikes spikes"
dzirdu "spice spice spice"

pretty much the same thing

[Jan. 14th, 2024|11:00 am]
Feeling very bitter this morning
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[Nov. 1st, 2023|11:00 pm]
Are there any ghosts in your life? Do you also start to lose your sense of identity?

Galvā on repeat [Oct. 28th, 2023|12:00 am]
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She's not acid nor alkaline caught between black and white not quite either day or night she's perfectly misaligned I'm caught up in her design and how it connects to mine I see in a different light the object of my desire
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[Sep. 10th, 2023|01:48 am]
Cilvēki pazūd

[Nov. 23rd, 2022|11:57 am]
"Discipline now or regret later"

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