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Oct. 27th, 2015


10:49 pm

Sometimes i wish to become a lonely workocholic, where only job is taking my mind. To be the one who is running around the world, trying to solve million problems and put them higher, then need to realise myself as my womenly instincts asks me to...

I try to remind me, that not always the way I feel, or the things i desire, are desired by ME, they are desired by my gender and by my instincts.
We do not see the difference.

But also I cannot be truly happy if I do not find the way how to combine those both - ME and the women inside me. I will never be satisfied, if there will be no loving man, no family, no children by my side, and there will be huge dissapointment if that will be the only thing that I achieve in my life - creating a family to get that woman happy, and forget to make come true those dreams that are mine, as being just a human, not an animalistic gender.

But I can not ignore one of them. They both have to be in harmony inside of me. They both have to find a way to live and want things that acomplish one another...



---Dienas labākā daļa! Personība sākusi dalīties. Viena no viņām tekoši runā kroplā angļu valodā! :D

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