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Fink - Perfect Darkness (2011) Mar. 4th, 2012|09:32 am

Fink - Perfect Darkness (2011) [VBR~235kbps]
Youtube: Fink - Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
Fink, AKA Fin Greenall, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ, born in Cornwall and currently based in Brighton. Since the 2006 release of his Biscuits for Breakfast album, the name Fink has also referred to the recording and touring trio fronted by Greenall himself, completed by Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums). Best known for the 2007 song "This is the Thing" and the 2011 album Perfect Darkness, Fink is signed to independent record label Ninja Tune Records. Greenall's skills as a songwriter has created a demand for his talents among fellow artists. Most recently he has written in collaboration with John Legend, Ximena Sarinana and Professor Green. With Amy Winehouse he co-wrote the song "Half Time", which appears on Winehouse's posthumous collection Lioness: Hidden Treasures."

P.S. Ja kāds vēl nav dzirdējis Fink pirmo albumu Biscuits for Breakfast, tad - highly recommended. Ja nevari atrast, let me know, mēģināšu sadabūt rokā, ielikšu te.
Youtube: Fink - This Is The Thing [no 2006. gada albuma]
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