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indie, french, female vocalists, singer-songwriter Feb. 18th, 2012|04:05 am

SoKo - I Thought I Was An Alien (2012) [128 kbps]
“When people ask me what kind of music I do,” says Soko, “I usually tell them - Punk secrets”. Intimate, lo-fi, crazy, sexy, funny, tear-stained, heartbreaking, often all at once.

"The record trades in themes are of love and loss, loneliness and learning, and the vividly detailed lines pair well with SoKo’s gift for conveying emotion via tight phrasing and restraint. She intones a husky rasp through an endearingly crinkled accent — like if Chan Marshall took diction lessons from Björk — with tasteful instrumentation that builds from the guitars up; sometimes up to a rock crescendo, others to a delicately twinkling reverie. It’s the sort of record that has the potential to reach lots of people while also resonating with more guarded, folded-armed listeners"

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