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[Mar. 27th, 2017|02:41 am]
Angel, devil, man and beast
One by one you join the song
One by one you are released
Partners in truth deceit
I love you and your reckless ways
Your stammer and your hidden grace

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[Mar. 19th, 2017|02:46 pm]

“He is God and Satan; both the bright world and the dark world are contained in him. Abraxas has no objections to any of your thoughts or any of your dreams. Never forget that. But he’ll abandon you if you ever become faultless and normal. He’ll abandon you and look for a new pot to cook his ideas in."

“No one hears about Abraxas by accident, make a note of that!”
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Šausmas, nu [Mar. 13th, 2017|04:58 pm]
So Shiva and Parvati entered into the clouds to live. One name of Shiva is Jimutabahin, meaning ‘one who is inside the cloud.’ Lord Shiva and Parvati still live inside the clouds because Shiva could not afford to have a house.
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[Mar. 13th, 2017|04:07 pm]
McSprocket 13 punkti pirms 2 gadi

I believe that the very first initiation the Grand Magus Muckity Muck (G.'.M.'.M.'M.'.) should undertake is the Invokation of the Magus, wherein you massively inflate your Ego as a Master of Causality. In this state your arsehole is being sucked on by the lips of the Abyss and you stand gigantic on the many baffled heads of your multiple selves, who can't even squeek out a plea for recognition because your head is so far up in the Ain Soph Aur that it Ouroborically loops back into some Daathian Gateway so that you are perpetually making sweet tongue love to your very Prostate, en-kindling the fire of the Serpent of No Return into a nauseatingly gargantuan supernova of I AM SO FUCKING GREAT and I know how everything works and respect me and blah blah blah blah shut the hell up you stupid monkey mage.

As a method of antimony it's a great thing to invoke the Grand Arsehole, balloon and bolster your notion of self worth to the point where it explodes and all that is left is a humble and embarased husk so that you might carry on a reasonable person. Humility is essential.
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[Mar. 1st, 2017|11:37 pm]
"Man ir profesija, kuru nevar izskaidrot parastam cilvēkam", astroloģijas valodā: "It is most likely that, as far as the professional plane is concerned, your manner is disconcerting, and your obscure and hidden function is efficient precisely because it is insidious and concealed."
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[Feb. 27th, 2017|09:36 pm]

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[Feb. 21st, 2017|01:30 pm]
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[Feb. 19th, 2017|06:47 pm]
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Džīzas fakin kraist [Feb. 13th, 2017|10:50 pm]

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[Feb. 12th, 2017|08:15 pm]

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[Feb. 4th, 2017|01:07 am]
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[Feb. 1st, 2017|09:58 pm]
"In Jewish legend and Kabbalistic lore Lilith was the first wife of Adam who refused to submit to him, was cast out and became a destroyer of children."

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Vēl arvien dievinu jūtūbes komentārus pie mūzikas [Jan. 28th, 2017|03:12 pm]

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[Jan. 22nd, 2017|09:39 pm]
if (object.isCursed() || object.isPossessed()) {
Church ch = ChurchFactory.getInstance().getChurch();
Priest p = ch.appointPriest();
// FIXME infinite loop if object instanceof Dybbuk
while (object.isPossessed()) {
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75% manu mīļāko grupu fano par Alisteru Krouliju, bet ne par to ir šis posts [Jan. 16th, 2017|02:31 am]
Lūdzu, salīdziniet

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[Jan. 15th, 2017|12:27 pm]
"In liber 500 there is an hebrew word for a thick smoke or vapor. The word is OShN and has a value of 420. I once made a painting as an invoking sigil as this word. It gets me high when im dry ."
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[Jan. 10th, 2017|01:33 am]
Whenever you get a headache, people are trying to read your mind. And migraines are caused when the government boosts up their mind reading signal and taps into someone's mind.

The only thing you can do to block it is to smoke marijuana. That's why they outlawed it, so you can't have easy access to it.
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[Jan. 8th, 2017|03:32 pm]
Dotošny Pirms 1 stundas un 11 min

Kādreiz domāja, ka bišu māte ir tēviņš.
Tā nu tie sātanistu mācītāji joprojām staigā kleitās.
Ar to medu neārstē, patiešām.

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[Jan. 7th, 2017|02:02 pm]
In a similar vein is a feeling known as "the call of the void". It's that uncomfortable urge you get to jump when you near the edge of a tall building, or that super weird image that pops into your head of stabbing someone with the big knife laying on the table. There are several theories, but the one that makes the most sense to me is that it is an evolutionary safety mechanism. By calling these disturbing images to the forefront of your conscious mind, your subconscious is keeping you alert and aware of potential environmental dangers. The urge to jump from the building makes you hyper aware of the edge you are near. The image of stabbing people is your brain's fucked-up way of saying "Sharp thing over there! Don't get careless!"
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Bieži sastopama problēma pēc 2. bērna [Jan. 1st, 2017|07:22 pm]
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