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    Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
    4:08 pm
    Spent most of my life in Germany, then went to France. Got my grandparents house back after the fall of soviet union. This is the worst place I have lived in. This vountry is so fucked up.
    So how doyou live with the small wages, high taxes, expensive food and services? Is KGB still listening on the streets. Everyone just keeps quiet about the problems when outside of the safety of "their" homes.
    10:45 am
    Most people are ignorant morons.
    They do the stupidest things, when confronted they do not show any signs of understanding what they've done.
    A person who cannot take responsibility for the slaughter of their dinner, yet eat it and drool when they feel the smell of the burning fleah are stupid. You eat the corpse that's fine. Why do you shush anyone who reminds youwhere did it come from? Like that is what you find disguisting? Slaughter is disguisting? But eating the remains is ok? It is ok as long as you dont talk about where it comes from, otherwise it becomes disguisting. So you need to eateat to be healthy? Why dont you look healthy then? Why do you look pale and about to die? Eat fruits eat vegetables. Oh they are packed with pesticides? Buy ecological ones then! Oh, they are expensive? The meat you eat vosts more you idiot. I cant tell your children where meat comes from because it could turn out they can make their own decisions and start to question your authority, and we all know as we have been taught from an early age- you should not question authority, if you do bad things could happen. And you are dwelling on this irrational fear and passing it on to your next litter, like a mother cat teaches street kittens to fear humans, the cat is rational at least. Humans are poison.
    When we don't question authority it can grow into all sorts of bad things- totalitarism, communism. you let the dictators dictate the way you should live.

    They say you should pay your taxes, telling your granfparents pension is small because of your tax evasion. You start paying the taxes because they have emotionally reached you. But the pensions stay the same. Because nomather how much we pay in taxes there is just enough to feed the government, to get them new cars and vacations, oh sorry, diplomatic visits I meant.
    You get less and your grandparents get less. The poorer people are the more they ate striggling to make ends meet. The less likely they are to question authority, if they do they are too miserable to do anything about it.
    Don't pay the taxes, keep them, put them away. You'll get way more than with tax returns. You will have money for schools, hospital visits, your grandparents. And don't feel bad. There are still enough taxes paid to keep the police functioning the streets lit and emergency service operating. Every time you purchase an item in the shop they charge you 21% more than the retail value of the item. And that goes to the government. And that is enough, more than enough.

    I will not give 30-40% of my hard earned money to the government. And an additionl 20%. 50-60% of my money? For what? For being allowed to live on this piece of land my ancestors paid for to call their own? I've already purchased my home twice, thanks to real estate taxes! But you will. You will not fight. You won't even read this because television is easier for you to swallow. And the worst part. You can't understand what I'm talking about and what you don't understand you declare loony/crazy/stupid.

    There is amotherfucking petition you should sign, but you wont and you don't, I don't want to pay for my only home. I bought it I didn't pay to rent it. And even then, if they want a railway they woll tear it down. It's not my private property. It's sponsorship. You don't buy real estate you py to have your name on the papers.
    10:36 am
    The cringe mom.
    Thorty year old beatch, looking 40. Trying too hard to fit in with younger people. The ultimate cringe mom. No you do not look like sisters with that girl as you pointed out, you are old and it is showing and no amount of compliments you fish for will change that. In efforts to dress to look younger but with fashion sense from the 90s makes her look like a desperate prostitute. Recently divorced with 4 kids. Subconsciouslly tryin to do all she can to be wanted and find the next daddy for her boys. Fails miserably. Talks fast and voice gets pitchy and sweet at times, annoys the hell out of people. Doesnt acknowledge she does that.
    10:27 am
    Degenerate princess.
    nearly thirty years old. Front teeth partly decayed, chin sticking out. Voice annoyingly and theatrically pitched up to sound sweeter, I suppose. More on the chubby side. Alarmingly infantile way of thinking. Recovering alcoholic,- still you get a drift of a distillerie when nearby. Touches people when she talka to them. Noone likes that. Used to live in a homeless shelter. Says no one should be judged because she comes from n orphanage. There are people from orphanages who are not such moserable failures and people who don't come from the system who are. So dat bitch should learn to face the facts that she ain't going to be pittied. Drop the sweet voice, it don't fit with your junkieacholics face and your past. With your prancing naked on the tv screen. Merciful God made her a lesbian or I would be fucked, as she attacks every vagina on her way, at least this long I'm safe.
    10:20 am
    Groupie 4 life.

    A fattish, approching middleage, woman, with unlikeable facial features, dressing in shirt skirts acting in the role of a groupie for various bands, sometimes posing as a manager, just to get closer to the cool people and members of the bands because otherwise she couldnt. No one looks at her the way shed want to so she surrounds herself with cats which just worsens the situation as she starts to smell like a cat lady. Also pretty dumb. Has bad hair day every day. Thinks fat sticking out over the waist line of skirt could be classified as third and 4th boobs.

    Will live up to 90years old, at that time attractivity will grow to be average as everyone will be an old fart by then.
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