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Singapūras piemērs (un citas Āzijas valstis) (Covid-19)

Dažas domas no raksta: 

In the United States, all the people ringing the bell the hardest for a Singapore-like approach hope they’ll be heard, and that it’ll work—and so, by next autumn, they’ll seem like fools for having been so worried. 

It is this sort of detailed analysis that will be critical for answering key questions about the role of asymptomatic people and children in transmission

Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore all developed their own tests for Covid-19 as soon as the genetic sequences for the virus were published, and ramped up production of the materials necessary for those tests. Each country instituted controls over immigration (zinu, tūlīt man uzbruks naidīši). 

They rejiggered their national financial systems to make sure people didn’t have to pay for tests or treatment. 

(In Singapore) People get their temperatures taken before they can enter most buildings. The country gives a bit of money to people who don’t have the kinds of jobs that support being out of work—and fines people who don’t follow the rules. 

Wide-scale testing, as these countries are doing, sweeps up mild cases, people who don’t go to the hospital. [..] It gives a better picture of how fast and how far the disease spreads overall, which can be compared to the number of people who get sick or die, allowing for a more accurate calculation of the case fatality rate, or CFR.

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