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Patiesības meklēšana VS "ABSOLŪTA runas brīvība"

Lūdzu, izlasiet šos rakstus:


"When we hear these things about free speech and how great it was and how great it could be, this is a kind of free speech that allows for false information to be treated as equal to facts and issues, real issues. [..] So the problem with the free speech debate is the way it’s talked about now, this ABSOLUTIST (izcēlums mans) free speech. It is an antithesis to what goes on in the academy."


"We don’t for instance require students to relitigate whether or not gravity exists when we teach them physics. We base, you have to, you know, you have to move much quicker than that to teach them stuff based upon a set of accepted knowledge, accepted ideas. So the academy doesn’t work that way. "


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