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9/12/15 12:28 pm

Starp to, kas ar mums notiek, un mūsu reakciju uz notikumu ir pauze. Šajā laika sprīdī ir ietverta mūsu brīvība izvēlēties savu reakciju.
/Viktors Frankls/

7/24/15 01:04 am - Dzirdēju (9, 2)

Tie sirdspuksti! Tie mazie, neapšaubāmi īstie sirdspuksti izklausās awesome beyond words.

7/5/15 10:49 pm - 6 nedēļas 4 dienas

Visas fiziskās pārmaiņas un apjausma par katru no tām nāk kaut kā - as a matter of fact. Nu, nevis kā jaunums vai pārsteigums, bet ar galvas mājienu un apziņu, ka "tas jau tikai loģiski, to jau varēja gaidīt". Tikai skumji, ka nekas vairs negaršo (toties piens, kas likās pretīgs iepriekš, tagad pats līst iekšā). Uztaisi sev fancy vakariņas, iegādājies mīļākos našķus, paskrubini un vsjo - paliek uz galda mētājoties. Ar mandeļu izgriešanu un pēdējām nedēļām esmu atbrīvojusies no gandrīz 7 kg. Labi, ka iesākumam tas vēl skaitās normāli.

Emocionālās pārmaiņas... oi, par to labāk nē. :)

12/13/11 09:20 pm - YES!

Apparently a Dignitas gift card is not an appropriate secret Santa.

10/28/11 09:41 am - American Horror Story

This show is goddamn ridiculous. It has various good points and even more various bad ones, but all talk of its relative quality seems secondary to whoa, this show is completely fucking crazy. Having watched the first episode, I'm fairly sure I'll be watching it for some time now, even if it's terrible. Maybe especially if it's terrible.

In the first episode, there are two Dylan McDermott ass shots, one while he stands in front of a window masturbating. Jessica Lange plays the next door neighbor, a Tennessee Williams-y fading southern belle who shows up periodically with her retarded daughter, makes an insane speech, and steals things. Connie Britton fucks a ghost in dominatrix gear. She thinks it's her husband, but she knows the dominatrix costume belonged to the gay couple that killed each other in the haunted house before they moved in . There's a caveman imp that lives in the basement and bites anyone who goes down there. There's a peeping tom burn victim, an apparently dead maid that appears to some people as a sexy whore and to others as the mom from Six Feet Under, and there's lots of jars filled with dead baby body parts. And that actually doesn't even begin to cover the crazy here.

Everyone should watch this. If you're with me in the sad crew that watched things like Harper's Island, you'll love it.

5/8/11 07:23 pm - Word, Devin!

And to everybody else who doesn't like these phony holidays: you're not alone and there's nothing wrong with you.
And to people without families or who don't like the ones they got: the best families are the loved ones we CHOOSE to be with.
Chance gave you your biological family. You can choose your emotional family.

4/30/11 10:40 pm - Cute attack!

Mini mini mini gurķis.

4/30/11 08:26 pm - Viņa zina savu vietu!

4/28/11 08:30 pm - Izbijušām mīlestībām

The Magnetic Fields - When You're Old and Lonely
Get Lost, 1995

When you're old and lonely
You will wish you'd married me
I could build a fire for you
And bring you cakes and tea
When you're cold and hungry
I'll be waiting by the phone
You can call me up and
Tell me how you're all alone
All alone...
When you're old and lonely
And the rush of life is past
Days go by too slowly and
The years go by too fast
When your golden loneliness is
Heavier than stone
You can call me up and say
"My God, I'm all alone...
All alone..."

3/21/11 07:45 pm - Dude's awesome

Wolfgang Puck, restaurateur extraordinaire: "Everybody has to put purées underneath everything now. It’s like people think we need the steak, and then we need some babyfood with it."

3/2/11 10:30 pm

Famous objects from classic movies.
Smadzeņu atslodzei.

2/13/11 03:10 pm - Liz Lemon's middle name

Ja nu jūs vēl nezinājāt.

1/16/11 04:50 pm - Tā nu tas ir

12/31/10 06:00 pm

I don't really want to understand
everything in my world -
It spoils the fun for me

7/29/10 11:39 am

Catception - Dramatic Cat inspired by Inception.

7/6/10 08:02 pm - Ak vai cik vienlīdz mīļi un seksīgi

Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
Let's do it all day long
Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots
Say Mother Nature's wrong
And when we've had a couple'a'beers
We'll put on bunny suits
I long to nibble your ears
And do as bunnies do

Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
Let's do it all day long
Rapidly becoming rabid
Singing little rabbit songs
I can keep it up all night
I can keep it up all day
Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits
Until we pass away

6/30/10 09:04 pm

2/1/10 12:31 pm

Proof that birds are secretly composers

12/12/09 01:08 am - It's a good thing Russia doesn't exist anymore

"If this were Russia, yeah sure, everybody would go to one Santa. And there would be a line around the block. And once you sat on her lap and she asked you what you wanted, you would say, probably, freedom. At which point the KGB would come and arrest you and send you to Siberia... It’s a good thing Russia doesn’t exist anymore."
(Michael Scott, The Office)
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