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March 15th, 2008

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You are deep blue raspberries and gunpowder...

I am not sure if I want to eat you or take cover.

March 6th, 2008

A sword has two edges.

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I am a vegetarian within my flesh! Every vein within me is green, my bones are stalwart branches of an oaken tree. I have no hair, those are wines sprouting from my scalp, my eyes are two bright fireflies that glow in the twilight.

But my soul beneath all the leaves and grass is carnivorous. It, no... I desire flesh! To indulge in the soft succulent flesh of a kindred beast is my greatest desire... and my flaw.

I am a hypocrite the two edged blade that cuts north and south.

Soul is what you offer,
Flesh is what I seek.

March 3rd, 2008

Before I go!

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Before I go back to my astonishingly interesting and awesome life I wanted to say one thing...

I know that I am plain, but I am not sorry.

I have no idea why am I doing this!

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Hi I'm new here. I have never thought about it, but these words do sound so ironically sad (and potentially dangerous), but they still have carved a niche in my bloody heart and feel warm. In these words I see the very beginning of human struggle within this society, one knows that it will be hard but nevertheless he tries. Maybe it is only because of my twisted virtue (or curse) to always stick with the underdog. Yes, I do admit that I sneer and shake my head whenever I hear those words, but if it is because of sadness or something else I cannot say. All I know that life is merciless. Chivalry dies beneath its hooves, virtues get overwhelmed by sins and we all change... to survive. I know that I have.

If you are wondering why am I abstaining from my mother tongue in these epic moments (I am kind of betraying my previous beliefs about blogging) I'll gladly answer that is only due to personal pedagogical reasons and also I am desperately trying to remain incognito. I have a sad dream to be come a novelist in my life, sadly I feel bound by the debts I owe to people dear to me and fear of complete lack of any talent. I will either face the current and go upstream to find whatever awaits me there or find a pleasant place by the shore. I will never go with the flow. I have lost many virtuous people to this river, but hell I am going to lose myself!

I am nibbing my table again... it seems that my ADD is telling me something. "What is it boy? Did Tommy fell into a well?"

This is it for today, if anyone is reading this then good luck on your journey.
I hope that we meet within these pages some other time.
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