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    Monday, March 13th, 2023
    8:23 am
    čuguns un piķis
    Pirms apmēram gada nopirku čuguna pannu. Bija apnikuši visi šitie lētie teflona varianti, kur kaut kas lobās nost no virsmas jau pēc mēneša, nemaz nerunājot par to, ka tādas pannās sanāk vairāk sautēšana, nevis cepšana.

    Esmu dziļi vīlies.

    Nu labi, atzīstos, paņēmu nevis kaut ko no paša dārgākā gala, tobiš "īsta" čuguna pannu, bet gan drusku lētāku variantu, kaut kādu vieglo čugunu. Lai nu ko tas nozīmētu. Vienalga diezgan dārgi.

    Tā panna šausmīgi ātri uzkarst, vienkārši nav nekādu viduspārēju or something. Te bija pavisam auksta, nu jau eļļa dūmo tā, ka pažarnieku mašīnas brauc šurp. Un piecepas, līp klāt pie tās pannas! Pat kartupeļi parastie... Es to pannu saudzēju, cītīgi mazgāju tikai ar rokām, nekādās trauķenēs neesmu bāzis un tā.

    Tagad domāju pirkt riktīgu čuguna pannu, bet bail, ka atkal neiegrābjos kaut kādā ne tādā variantā.
    Monday, March 6th, 2023
    11:16 am
    Es nezinu, kurā brīdī ciba sasniedza šito kūts līmeni, ka te sūdzas par klavierspēli 8 no rīta daudzdzīvokļu mājā. Tiešām cilvēkiem galīgi nav ko darīt? Un paši vairs nesaprot savu pseidoproblēmu absurdumu un bērnišķīgumu (negatīvā nozīmē)? Ja nu kāds vēl to krietni pieaugušā vecumā nav pieredzējis, tad es nezinu, kas un kā tādam indivīdam izskaidros, ka 8 no rīta daudzi cilvēki jau atrodas savā darba vietā, pārējie ir ceļā uz darbu. Nu un ja no atlikušajiem dīkdieņiem viens spēlē klavieres, otrs vēl čuč, tad tur neko nevar padarīt. Life is life.
    Sunday, March 5th, 2023
    4:32 pm
    Visiem iesaku reģistrēties Mastodonā. Ja neko diži negribat ķēpāties ar sev īpaši piemērotas instances meklēšanu, tad vienkārši dodieties uz un dariet to, kas jādara.
    Friday, February 10th, 2023
    6:39 pm
    ghosts again
    Depešu jaunā dziesma ar tādu patīkamu atsauci uz Ingmāru Bergmani. Mārtins gan dikti novecojis izskatās...
    Monday, February 6th, 2023
    10:32 am
    Poll #21586 Būtiskas izvēles
    Open to: All, results viewable to: All

    Ko darīt ir svarīgāk - rakstīt vai dzēst?

    View Answers

    Sūds jautājums - rakstīt, protams!
    2 (22.2%)

    Dzēst. Un izdzēs šito pollu, ja!
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    Vispirms rakstīt, tad dzēst.
    2 (22.2%)

    Vispirms dzēst, tad rakstīt.
    2 (22.2%)

    Pilnīgi vienalga - ja vien dzer alu!
    3 (33.3%)

    Friday, February 3rd, 2023
    10:46 am
    Mahājānas budisms laikam ir viskrutākais.
    Thursday, February 2nd, 2023
    4:05 pm
    Reti sastopu jēdzīgus padomus karjerai un darbam, bet te John Evans bliež ļoti labi.

    1: Act your way into a new way of thinking and being. You cannot wholly discover yourself by introspection because you need experimentation and feedback.

    2: Stop trying to find your true self. You are, after all, seeking to pivot so focus your attention on which of your many possible selves you want to test and learn more about.

    3: Allow yourself a transition period in which it is okay to oscillate between holding on and letting go. Better to live in the contradictions and explore options than to come to a premature or stultifying resolution.

    4: Resist the temptation to start by making a big decision that will change everything in one fell swoop. Use a strategy of small wins, in which incremental gains lead you to more profound changes in the basic assumptions that define your work and life. Accept the crooked path.

    5: Identify projects that can help you get a feel for a new line of work or style of working. Try to do these as extracurricular activities or parallel paths to begin with so that you can experiment seriously without making a commitment. After this, deliberately opt to use a new style of working to stretch yourself and seek out some feedback from those who excel in this new (to you) way of getting things done. Keep a journal to force you to notice and record changes as you go.

    6: Don't just focus on the work. Find people who are what you want to be and who can provide support for the transition or pivot you want. But don't expect to find them in your same old social circles. Push into new ones.

    7: Don't wait for a cataclysmic moment when all truth is revealed. Use everyday occurrences to find meaning in the changes you are going through. Practice telling and retelling your story. Over time, it will clarify. Your journaling will become your friend in this.

    8: Step back. But not for too long.

    9: Change happens in bursts and starts. There are times when you are open to big change and times when you are not. Seize opportunities.
    Friday, January 13th, 2023
    12:53 pm
    Te kāds vispār vēl tusē, vai visi jau Mastodonā?
    Tuesday, November 1st, 2022
    3:49 pm
    par nacistiem
    The Spanish anarchist Buenaventura Durutti said: "The only church that illuminates is a burning church." He was right, though not in the anti-clerical sense his remark was intended to have. Religion only arrives at its truth through its self-cancellation.

    In "The Intellectual Beast Is Dangerous," Bertolt Brecht asserts: "A beast is something strong, terrible, devastating; the word emits a barbarous sound." Surprisingly, he writes: "The key question, in fact, is this: how can we become beasts, beasts in such a sense that the fascists will fear for their domination?"

    It is thus clear that, for Brecht, this question designates a positive task, not the usual lament on how Germans, such a highly cultured people, could have turned into the Nazi beasts. "We have to understand that goodness must also be able to injure - to injure savagery." It is only against this background that we can formulate the gap that separates oriental wisdom from Christian emancipatory logic.
    Wednesday, October 12th, 2022
    11:12 am
    krionika - sektantu fantāzijas?
    Vēl viens pierādījums tam, ka transhumānisms ir reliģija - tās fanātisko adeptu piesauktā krionika tiek uzskatīta par pseidozinātni. Paldies jūzerim snauts par šo info

    ( "Cryonics (from Greek: κρύος kryos meaning 'cold') is the low-temperature freezing (usually at −196 °C or −320.8 °F or 77.1 K) and storage of human remains, with the speculative hope that resurrection may be possible in the future.[1][2] Cryonics is regarded with skepticism within the mainstream scientific community. It is generally viewed as a pseudoscience,[3] and its practice has been characterized as quackery.[4][5]"

    Tagad man ir skaidrs, kāpēc šie fanātiskie transhumānisma adepti nesteidzas krionēties. Viņi paši labi saprot, ka krionēties faktiski nozīmē veikt pašnāvību. Un to viņi nevēlas. Kāpēc? Jo mīž no nāves. Nevar neko daudz pārmest, visi mēs kaut kādā mērā mīžam no kaulainās, tomēr labāk ir pieņemt nāves eksistenci un dīlot ar to, nevis dzīvot fantāziju pasaulē un ārstēt citus, kas vēlas dzīvot reālajā 'pasaulē, nevis pievienoties ilūziju vergiem.
    Tuesday, October 11th, 2022
    10:59 am
    vēl drusku par transhumānisma baznīcu
    Transhumanists used to repudiate any suggestion that their movement is a form of, or substitute for, religion. But in recent years, that denial has worn increasingly thin. For example, Yuval Harari, a historian and transhumanist from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told The Telegraph, “I think it is likely in the next 200 years or so Homo sapiens will upgrade themselves into some idea of a divine being, either through biological manipulation or genetic engineering by the creation of cyborgs, part organic, part non-organic.”

    According to Harari, the human inventions of religion and money enabled us to subdue the earth. But with traditional religion waning in the West – and who can deny it? – he believes we need new “fictions” to bind us together. That’s where transhumanism comes in:

    Religion is the most important invention of humans. As long as humans believed they relied more and more on these gods, they were controllable. With religion, it’s easy to understand. You can’t convince a chimpanzee to give you a banana with the promise it will get 20 more bananas in chimpanzee Heaven. It won’t do it. But humans will.

    But what we see in the last few centuries is humans becoming more powerful, and they no longer need the crutches of the gods. Now we are saying, “We do not need God, just technology.”
    Ha! The old stereotype of the bearded Christian fanatic in robe and sandals carrying a sign stating, “The end is nigh!” has been replaced by transhumanism proselytizers like author Ray Kurzweil (of Google fame) whose bestselling transhumanist manifesto is titled, The Singularity is Near.
    Monday, October 10th, 2022
    11:02 am
    transhumānisms kā ideoloģija, iespējams, pat reliģija
    Transhumanism is an ideology according to which we *should* use “person-engineering” technologies to radically enhance ourselves: to make us superintelligent and immortal, and to give us perfect control over our emotions (seriously). This could enable us to create a superior species of “posthumans” living in a techno-utopian paradise, as Bostrom notes in his “Letter from Utopia.” The transhumanist ideology itself has roots in the Anglo-American eugenics tradition, and in fact the term “transhumanism” was popularized by Julian Huxley, who was president of the British Eugenics Society from 1959 to 1962. There are also strong parallels between transhumanism and religion; in fact, Huxley’s 1927 book in which he advocated for a version of transhumanism was revealingly titled “Religion Without Revelation.” Later, in the 1999 Transhumanist FAQ put together by Bostrom, transhumanism is described as a replacement for religion.
    Friday, October 7th, 2022
    12:54 pm
    Vai valdības sastāvā būtu jāiekļauj transhumānistus?

    Vai jaunajā valdībā tādi būs?
    10:03 am
    laif iz laif, end it gouz on end on...
    No tiem mediju tekstiem izklausās, ka Ingus Bērziņš dosies pensijā. Nu vai arī izveidojis baigi kruto F.I.R.E. plānu, kas nu ir realizēts, tad tik dzīvos nost.
    Monday, September 26th, 2022
    10:59 am
    lūk, kāpēc ne visi transhumānisti ir zemē metami
    Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the universe.
    (Alan Watts)
    Monday, September 19th, 2022
    11:14 am
    izcila ilustrācija
    Friday, September 16th, 2022
    3:59 pm
    Transhumanistic Tarot
    Symbolism plays a large part in human life. Through symbols,
    humans can communicate and codify their culture. If
    transhumanism is to survive and expand, we have to create new
    symbols which conform to our views and are able to convey
    them. This is a half serious, half joking attempt to sketch
    a transhumanistic tarot deck. The Tarot cards are loaded
    symbols, which with surprising ease can be modified to
    reflect our views. I would not be surprised if many people
    would understand them better than any verbal explanation.

    Note: these descriptions become much easier to understand if
    compared to the cards. I have mainly based them on the
    Rider-Waite deck, available at
    and other places on the net.

    The Major Arcana:

    The Fool: The Normal Human. Shows an ordinary person walking
    towards a busy street, holding a shopping bag. He is reading
    a tabloid and listening on his walkman, completely unaware of
    the danger. A doomsayer tries to warn him while holding forth
    his hand for payment.

    The Magician: The Transhumanist. A man with an infinity sign
    above his head stands behind a table. He points upwards with
    one hand, and with the other he shows the tools on the table:
    a computer, a credit card, a chemistry set, a book and a

    The High Priestess: The Environmentalist. Shows a woman
    sitting between two trees, holding a petition against

    Empress: The Media. Shows a female talk-show host, sitting
    with a microphone in a studio, looking at the camera.

    Emperor: The Politician. A man in suit stands behind a podium
    with lots of microphones, making a forceful speech.

    Hierophant or Pope: The Fundamentalist Preacher. A priest
    blessing kneeling believers, who offer money.

    Lovers: Cooperation. A man and a woman exchanging goods.

    Chariot: Boundless Expansion. Shows a man sitting in the
    cockpit of a small spacecraft plotting his course on a
    holographic screen.

    Strength or Lust: Dynamic Optimism. Shows a man controlling
    his fears in the shape of a lion (just like the original

    Hermit: Self Transformation. A man in lab coat stands inside
    a cold storage room, holding a piece of DNA and looking at a

    Wheel of Fortune: Intelligent Technology. Shows the Net
    expanding, with symbols flowing along the lines. Different
    beings (agents, experts and AIs) circle it.

    Justice: Spontaneous Order. An empty seat, above which hangs
    a pair of scales in balance.

    Hanged Man: Bureaucracy. Shows a man hanging in red tape in
    front of a imposing office building.

    Death: Cryonic Suspension. Shows several people being frozen
    by cryonicists.

    Temperance or Art: Rationality. A scientist carefully mixing
    two substances and observing the results.

    The Devil: Irrationality or Atavism. Shows a man/animal
    hybrid wielding a club, and a man and a woman chained by DNA
    chains to its feet.

    The Tower: Crisis. An downward-pointing arrow from a
    statistical diagram hits a skyscraper. A man and a woman in
    suits fall out from the windows, spreading papers and
    documents into the air.

    The Star: Nanotechnology. A woman pours a solution of
    nanomachines into a polluted lake, cleaning it, and onto the
    ground, making flowers bloom. In the sky great diamond
    structures shine.

    The Moon: The O'Neill colony. The inside of a K3 colony, with
    hills and buildings along the curved horizon. In the
    foreground a cat, a dog and a lobster look up towards the
    crescent of the Moon seen through one of the windows.

    The Sun: The Dyson Sphere. A blazing sun partially surrounded
    by a Dyson Sphere. In the foreground a small robot moves a
    piece of solar collector towards its position.

    Judgment or Aeon: The Singularity. Shows people being
    awakened from cryonic suspension. In the background is a huge

    The World or Universe: Reality. Shows a person floating in
    space with virtual reality gear.

    Minor Arcana:

    The minor arcana correspond to different sciences or
    disciplines. I would like the court cards to be represent
    central scientists or phenomena, while the lesser cards show
    different applications (like two of swords as Encryption and
    two of cups as medicine).

    Wands: Philosophy, Psychology and Cybernetic Enchancements.
    Also corresponds to the Strong Force and Self Transformation.

    Cups: Complexity Theory, Biology, Economics and Artificial
    Life. Also corresponds to the Weak Force and Spontaneous

    Swords: Cognitive Science, Information Theory, Computer
    Science and Mathematics. Also corresponds to Electromagnetism
    and Boundless Expansion.

    Pentacles: Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Physics and AI. Also
    corresponds to Gravity and Intelligent Technology.
    10:32 am
    Taro kārtīs transhumānismu manuprāt vislabāk simbolizē Tornis. Kaut kas ir uzbūvēts, ar tieksmi uz augšu, bet to sagrauj ārēji spēki (daba?).
    Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
    4:29 pm
    Iespēja, ka drīzumā sagaidāma Krievijas prezidenta Vladimira Putina nomaiņa vai gāšana plašu sabiedrības protestu rezultātā vai politiskās elites iekšēji īstenota apvērsuma formā, ir vērtējama kā zema. Pēdējos gados un pastiprināti no šī gada 24. februāra V. Putina režīms ir sistemātiski vērsies pret politisko opozīciju, gan īstenojot atentātus pret opozīcijas līderiem, gan plaši apcietinot opozīcijas organizēto pasākumu dalībniekus un žurnālistus. Kopš 24. februāra režīma īstenotās represijas ir paplašinājušās, ietverot ne tikai politisko opozīciju, bet faktiski ikvienu, kurš publiski neatbalsta un kritizē režīmu un tā īstenoto iebrukumu Ukrainā.
    2:02 pm
    alkohola recenzija
    Noklausījos Huberman podkāsta epizodi par alkoholu. Vispār viņam vērtīgs podkāsts, tikai epizodes sasodīti garas, nu kas tas ir - divas stundas muldēt! Tāds laikam ir tas amerikāniskais stils, ka runā riņķī apkārt, daudz ūdeni lej. Tam gan ir labs efekts arī - faktiski grūti palaist ko svarīgu garām, jo viss tiek atkārtots un no dažādiem leņķiem apzelēts.

    Tad lūk, atgriežoties pie konkrētās epizodes. Hubermans ir pret alkoholu, tas nepārsteidz, cik saprotu, pats vispār nedzer. Labākais alkohola patēriņa līmenis eso 0 vienības. Man gan izskatās, ka viņa paša personīgā pārliecība kaitē objektivitātei, jo ir pietiekami daudz ārstu un pētnieku, kuri vismaz mērenu alkohola patēriņu uzskata par ja ne labvēlīgu, tad vismaz nekaitīgu vai ļoti mazkaitīgu.

    Bet tas tā. Ko tad jaunu uzzināju?

    Viena lieta, ka alkohols, kas pats par sevi ir inde (ok, neskaldīšu te matus par klasifikāciju) pārstrādājas divos soļos, un pirmajā solī izveidojas vēl lielāka inde. To tad pēc tam ķermenis pārstrādā galīgi. Tas aspekts, ka alkohols tiek visās šūnās, gan man bija zināms. Bet! Neiroloģiskie efekti, kā izrādās, ir nevis tikai tieši alkohola lietošanas laikā, bet arī pēc tam. Hubermans to, protams, vērtē negatīvi. Te droši vien var strīdēties, bet lai nu - svarīgākais pats fakts, ka dzeršanas blaknes izpaužas arī tad, kad alkohols jau sen ir pārstrādāts un no organisma izvadīts.

    Tad vēl viņš runāja par paģirām un to, kādi alkohola tipi izraisa smagākas paģiras. Kā izrādās, sakars ar cukura saturu alkoholiskajā dzērienā un paģirām (jo vairāk cukura, jo lielākas paģiras) ir mīts. Absolūti paģirainākais dzēriens esot brendijs. Visnepaģirainākais bija kaut kas dīvains, kaut kāds apelsīna destilāts or something, pats Hubermans teica, ka diezin vai tādu vispār dzer. Nosacīti labajā galā ir arī alus (yes!!!!), džins, baltvīns. Te man prasītos precīzu sarakstu, tādu kā reitingu, bet šito no viņa teiktā sapratu. Tātad arī doma, ka alus izraisa smagākas paģiras, ir maldīga. Protams, beigu beigās viss atduras daudzumā.

    Kopumā interesanti, šo to uzzināju - bet nu nē, alkoholu lietot es neparstāšu, tam ir pietiekami daudzas pozitīvas blaknes, un es nedomāju pārtaisīties par kaut kādu superveselīgo ilgdzīvošanas puritāni.
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