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29. Apr 2011 23:48 the 3D issue

so what's with the 3D movies and the pathological lack of reason in their plot? Avatar was kind of interesting, but not as impressive as they made it sound, plus I wondered and doubted too many things while watching. (a good movie makes you forget everything and believe anything.) Fish and whales are nice to watch while falling asleep, makes it kind of pointless going out of your house. (unless you're going to the movies to sleep off the booze you've had, but then you don't even need any comforting ocean views.) And most other miracles of the modern cinema don't really justify the graphic-designing hours spent on them either, because their screenplay is obviously given less than half an hour to think through.
my point is - this is not idiocracy yet! please please pretty please - keep up the idea behind the pretty picture!
Megamind - now, there's something for you that's 3D and doesn't suck ass.

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