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What's on my mind [Aug. 3rd, 2022|08:01 pm]
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[mood |awake]
[music |Heriot - Profound Morality]

So turns out Being horny = Being in pain
Not a sharp pain that we are used to defining as pain but it's more like an itch.
Your organ is literally asking for a scratch or a gentle rub. (Whatever stuff you're into)
You can masturbate with your own body or with someone elses - it doesn't really matter.
-If the goal is to climax then it can be considered masturbation.
Maybe that is why we say "having sex" "to have sex" - sounds kind of very self oriented, don't you think?
(If you want to attack me as if this is my idea - it is not. I got it from Slavoj Zizek)
If you want to create or "make love" as in make more room for love you should follow the third option.
When unconciously you have built up so moch love inside you that it hurts and you feel like you need a releaf.
Then conciously you have three options:
Have the releaf - an orgasm (quick fix) that will not get you anywhere but you will enjoy it.
The second option is that you can expand your capacity for love through celebacy. It's the option for all the singles out there.
Celibacy is a fucking hard road. I myself have failed countless times and will keep on failing, I am sure of it.
Yet if we have this intention to expand the capacity and gain control over this feeling, we are moving forward.
It is like a skill that can be mastered. You don't have to do it now though.
You can enjoy your life, your mortality and your phisical body until your final breath, the next life and beyond.
Eventualy you will as we all get to a point where everything else will start to feel boring and dull.
Like for example your last favorite activity that is no longer your favorite because you've done it for so many times.
We have been put on this earth to learn- to master our bodies, our minds and our emotions. (To master the third dimention)
There is no other reason for us to be here. Except maybe to enjoy our experience whyle we are at it.

So turns out there is a third option - 'edging' and it can be a spiritual practice that can be practiced with a partner in celibacy.
I'm not sure but the term 'edging' might not be what a guru would call it. I think they might have a bit more elegant term for it.
If you want to boost your capacity for love. You can engage in a sexual activity with intention to expand room for love without climax.
This requires an intense meditation and breathing practice while doing it.
And I believe this is what the words "making love" should actually stand for.
Because if the intention is to climax then you can call it just sex or masturbation or.. reproduction.
Of course intense love is involved in all of those activities, in case it wasn't clear.
But I am talking here about taking it to the next level.
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