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28. Maijs 2020

laiks no feminisma perspektīvas

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Underpinning the use of time in historical thought and writing there has often been a discernible ‘Whiggish’ tendency to use time as a unit of measuring abstract notions of human progress. However, within the feminist historical project, explorations back in time have offered modern-day activists the means to normalize their own activism and public life by demonstrating the existence of clear historical precedents. The retrieval of women into the historical record is a vital means of legitimizing many current feminist claims and concerns. Feminist thought has also challenged assumptions about knowledge, temporal development and the passing of time that were set in place with the emphasis on rational ‘scientific’ enquiry during the course of the nineteenth century. It has called for a re-evaluation of historical periodization, since stretches of time that have been judged as significant or progressive from a male perspective may take on a different complexion if one looks at the position of women. Hence the so-called ‘cultural flowering’ of the Renaissance and the re-emergence of Humanist thought must be set against the persecution of women as witches. Feminism has also argued against scientific interpretations of the human life-cycle, of the human body and its temporal transformation, seeing science itself as culturally mediated rather than externally and objectively positioned. Finally, feminist thought continues to argue for the centrality of ‘experience’ as a focus of research. Women’s identities and subject positions can be understood more fully if we explore the intersection of the physical, the material, the cultural and the social: those processes of remembering and re-remembering, telling and re-telling, and their relationship to the passing of time.

(Louise A. Jackson "Time")

26. Maijs 2020

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"If you're depressed, if you're anxious, you're not weak, you're not crazy, you're not, in the main, a machine with broken parts. You're a human being with unmet needs."
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