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been a while

it has been a little less than two weeks i think since i last posted. during this time i got sick not once, but twice, yay me :D last friday i got a stomach virus which thankfully ended really fast and today i got the usual flu thing, but it is not that bad. either way i am rather glad that i got these sicknesses at the weekend because that means i do not have to skip school. i am so happy that spring has started because it means it is warm enough to go on long walks, which i really missed. i am glad that i managed to meet both my friends during the workweek because that means i can chill at home and be sick all i want :D overall lately i think i have been happier than ever. ok i am back and it is now 10:04 lol, i went out with my dog and met one of my friends for a bit. so yeah, i do feel like i have regained most of my joy for life and what it can give me. i am more hopeful than i was before and i have a more calm attitude towards everything. if it is supposed to happen a certain way, it will, and there is no point in worrying about it too much. i have been meeting my friends more lately and i feel the love for them grow with each time. i also managed to deal with most of my school work this week and i finally realized that for me to be able to get motivation i actually need to start working on whatever project i have and then i suddenly get the willpower to finish it. i think i am going to end it here because i feel tired (cuz of the sickness). byee

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