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They get yelled at, because they are ignoring basic factual reality, which they call "confrontation"

Posted on 2019.11.07 at 17:12
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Why do autistic people often get yelled at?

"In most discussion contexts I avoid conflict pathologically and that can make people pretty mad too. In my limited experience NT people seem to want confrontation, and I do not, yelling is often the result. Equally, a defensive posture at something that just sets you on edge often leads to yelling. Having ASD, I get that a lot too. Finally, there’s the bluntness. I often pitch things wrongly, get the wrong idea, miss a social cue, or just sound plain rude. Sometimes I am trying to be rude, certainly, but the vast majority of times I am not. That can, and does, elicit yelling."

Well, the only people that have ever yelled at me are

*my parents
*teachers (in kindergarten)
*parents of the children I pranked
*sports teachers (70 and nuts)

The people I have yelled at

*people that have been ignoring what I'm saying
*my bros for ruining my things
*kids that suck at EQ
*animal torturers
*idiots that yell at me for peeing in the wrong toilet
*idiots that complain to me instead of the landlord
*idiots that think I can fix their problems, when I have never even given the slightest hint I can
*idiots on streets that talk to me, when they do not have to
*more idiots
*people without common sense
*people that suck at respecting privacy

I mean, arent autistic people the group, which is most prone to recuperating in single mode? Seriously, if they understand this issue, why do they not??? Yeeeeeeelllll

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