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Posted on 2019.10.10 at 15:42
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Things I do not touch:

Door handles
Wet forks in public restaurants
Toilet buttons
Water switches
Toilet seats

I have learned not to touch them. I used to wear gloves in RS buses and trams. I do not clean toilets, but, when I do, I disinfect my hands throughly. I only use my things. I learn to trust the sicknesses of people or the absence of them.

The latest events have proved that I am not false about this. I have been sick for most of the time for a couple of years, at least. When I was little, I was sick almost all of the time for some years. I used to have nightmares and be scared of sleeping alone. I was literally screaming in my sleep. I used to have tourette's. I have been kicking walls. For some years I was addicted to ibuprofen because of Severe Migraines. Actually, I was just sick and had severe neuropathy. I started smoking weed and being spiritual, but suddenly people started abusing my spiritual addiction by telling everyone that I am a liar and a pretender and should be cured. I cannot be cured, such cure is death. Also, living alone and doing whatever works rather nicely. People are weird. I like being alone, what is so weird about this. If this might work, let us legalize! :*

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