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January 15th, 2018

12:14 pm

A week ago you could say the phrase “shithole country” without the mode in which you would use it for signalling your political alignment. Hypothesis: for totalising memeplexes, the optimal end-state of language is for every lexeme to have been consumed and converted to a shibboleth.

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January 11th, 2018

09:54 am

Runājot par jomām, kurās algoritmi pārspēj cilvēkus, nākamo paaudžu melu detektoru rezultātus, iespējams, varēs ņemt vērā tādā un lielākā mērā, kā to savulaik bija iecerējuši sevi neattaisnojušo poligrāfa tipa detektoru autori. Jau šobrīd pavisam agrīns prototips [1] pārspēj ne tikai ierindas novērotājus, bet arī ekspertus [2] un autori prognozē, ka aptuveni nākamo piecu gadu laikā varētu tikt sasniegts līmenis, kur šis vai līdzīgi dziļās mašīnapmācības risinājumi spēj attiecīgās funkcijas pildīt praktiski nekļūdīgi [3].


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January 10th, 2018

02:23 am

Holy Gnon Abomenon, one of the most complete examples of howling insanity I have seen in a long time must be the assumption that AI will not be created because its predecessors and potential precursors have not been created in our own very specific image.

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January 7th, 2018

11:49 am

Pessimistic: CRISPR probably won't work well for IQ enhancement because the inheritable component of IQ is massively polygenic, likely encompassing tens of thousands of SNPs to predict only several percentage points of variability. only a few of those SNPs have enough individual impact to bother, worth a couple IQ points total. Selecting an initial batch of embryos based on single-cell sequencing and running the results through a GWAS model for IQ, then using those few specific high-value loci to set up parameters for either CRISPR or iterated embryo selection [1][2] could be a much more practical, if also much slower, approach.

Optimistic: IQ is massively polygenic as above but the relevant SNPs form clusters with directly traceable and quantifiable impact on the microstructure of the brain, responsible for much (up to 40 % and possibly more) of the observed inherited variability [3]. These clusters could be used to directly narrow down the target set for CRISPR.


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