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November 20th, 2017

08:26 pm
Being emotional is not an excuse for shitty and selfish behaviour.

And oh, I try to be my best, sometimes I fail, but sometimes I need to put these lines in for other people too. Well we will see... How long does this time it will be. And then he wonders how friends disappear from his life. And I'm trying to be nice person, I do... but this time I laughed out loud. It was cruel and long laughing and I don't regret a bit. I was not the person to complain about That. Some people wonder why I even let him back in my life. Again. This time? Selfish reasons again, but I believe in win-win scenarios. And this time I need to think how to tackle shitty behaviour if it happens, as it probably will, because he is not a bad person, just very emotional and still hasn't learned to control his shitty behaviour.

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November 13th, 2017

03:19 am

Optiskie neiromorfie čipi. Atjaunoju uz augšu savu varbūtību tam, ka brīdī, kad tiks sasniegts cilvēka WBE, būs pieejama arī par standarta eksaflopu mēroga HPC sistēmām kompaktāka un jaudīgāka (uz specializācijas rēķina un pateicoties programmatūras līmeņa abstrakciju iztrūkumam) aparatūra.


Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Forma Tadre - Navigator: Date Unknown

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November 11th, 2017

03:37 am
Thinking about neural bandwidth sufficient for systemic coalescence while getting dead drunk on cheap whiskey while listening to neighbours watching awful German porn. Good times.
Current Mood: drunk
Current Music: Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy: Redukt

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November 9th, 2017

12:28 am

Teorēma: dabiskās valodas ir regulāras.

Pierādījums: smadzenes ir galīgi automāti [1]. ∎


Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Dronny Darko - Outer Tehom: Black Arts

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